Jade, a Gift of Nature

The World of Jade – 100% a Gift of Nature What you are buying is nature’s gift to us. It is one of the most enduring and toughest minerals on Earth. Jade, composed of fine-grained, highly intergrown, interlocking crystals, is the name for both minerals called jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite, the rarest and most valuable […]

Fast morning makeup

Get out of the house faster with quick makeup tips. We have been there before: rushed mornings with no time to do our makeup. You count the minutes ticking by as you swipe the blush on your cheeks and imagine the frown on your boss’s face when you step in the office, late, again. You […]

Window dressers

Curtains alter the personality of a room whereas blinds expertly keep the light out. When it comes to window dressing, it could be hard to decide which to go for – curtains or blinds. Both do a neat job of shading the room from the harsh glare of the sun, which in this part of […]


Travel workout

Flex those muscles during your holiday. Going for a long holiday can sometimes disrupt our exercise routine; especially a new one that we have painstakingly started. For those who seldom exercise and who have taken the plunge to sweat it out at all cost, all is well until an event or something comes crashing in […]

Pack light

You shouldn’t have to lose sleep over packing for a vacation. You’ve booked yourself to an exotic destination and your mind is kept in sweet anticipation of the trip to come. You start counting down to the vacation and finally on the day before the trip, you’ve realised that you have forgotten to pack! This […]


Your Christmas Cocktail Party

A cocktail party can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. There are a few questions you should ask yourself to begin planning a party. How many guests will be attending? Is this a casual event for friends or a formal business networking event? How much time and effort do I […]


Party Spaces

Redecorating your interior with fresh new colours and design ideas creates entertaining options Avoid major decorating overhauls like new flooring, paint or furniture. Creating a space for cocktail parties, tea gatherings and special occasions can be as simple as utilising colours and accessories you already have. Starting point An interior decorator will tell you to […]

Championing Copper

Many professional chefs swear by copper cookware for unmatched performance It looks good too. Walk into some of the elevated kitchens of the world and you may see shining copper pots, pans and bowls hanging and shimmering from the ceiling. Copper cookware and utensils have been in existence for centuries across many cultures, and are […]