Roger Dubuis

Excalibur Huracán – Supercar-inspired watchmaking What do you get when visionary supercar engineers meet incredible watchmakers? The outcome is bound to be mind-bending as in the case with the potent partnerships set up by Roger Dubuis with legendary car designer and manufacturer Lamborghini Squadra Corse, and tyre king Pirelli. The Excalibur Hurácan features a standout […]

Singapore Bicentennial

Limited-Edition Medallion Collection The medallion set collection recently launched by Noel Gifts commemorates the Singapore Bicentennial through the different themes relating to Singapore’s rich 200-year history that is featured in the design of the medallion and a short narrative on a beautifully-bound keepsake book display. As part of its design, each medallion series will feature […]


Tea on The Murray

Popinjays has launched a fun and interactive afternoon tea as part of its rooftop lifestyle Designed to inspire and delight, this classic high tea ritual embodies Popinjays’ spirit of playful indulgence. Popinjays is part of The Murray, a Niccolo Hotel and offers a rooftop lifestyle destination. Popinjays Afternoon Tea features a selection that includes savoury […]


Easter Time!

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore makes sure you have a hopping good time with delectable feasts and fun for everyone Celebrate Easter in true American style at Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore. Exclusive only for Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019, a special 4-course menu features delicious handpicked options by Executive Chef Sherwin Sim. Happy Easter […]


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The Healing Power of Nature

Snøhetta Designs Outdoor Care Retreats for Patients at Norway’s Largest Hospitals In the peaceful ambience of the forests only a short walking distance from two of Norway’s largest hospitals secluded wooden shelters aspire to make hospitalisation easier for patients and their families. On behalf of the Friluftssykehuset Foundation, Oslo-based global design firm Snøhetta( designed […]

Silent Fright

It creeps up on you stealthily; one minute you’re sleeping peacefully and the next you find yourself suddenly awake and left crippled for what feels like eternity. Sleep paralysis can strike anyone but what may seem like a paranormal experience to most, may actually contain a proper explanation behind its occurrence. Ever woken up in […]