Wear a Stone and Attract Fortune

Gemstones are not only beautiful but are believed to harness their own beneficial powers Gemstones and their lucky charm for your New Year Classic Beauty Diamond – Always desired and always precious. It is one of the hardest substances on earth. Colours range from crystal clear to baby blue to pink to yellow. What matters […]

Salvatore Ferragamo

Pre-Fall 2019 Women’s Creative Director Paul Andrew and Menswear Design Director Guillaume Meilland explore the essential elements of Salvatore Ferragamo ( – craft, innovation, ingenuity, and passion – to create a collection that enables an instinctively assured and defined personal style.

NET-A-PORTER Chinese New Year Selections

Plunge into the start of 2019 armed with a shopping list from NET-A-PORTER’s (weblink: NET-A-PORTER.COM). Lunar New Year selections for the upcoming festive & cultural season. Featuring a multitude of styles from satin-jacquard mini dresses to winter-sun puffer jackets and trench coats, satin mules in jewel tones and accessories for the quirky to the refined. […]


San’in Quest

A lovely walking tour explores the mystical and deeply rural region in west Honshu, nestling near the Sea of Japan Travel company Walk Japan, the pioneers of guided walking tours of the country offers a new tour called the San’in Quest. Launching in April, 2019, the 9-day, 8-night fully guided walking tour on Japan’s main […]

Why Those In Melbourne Love These Local Hotspots

Proudly known as the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne has the charming, relaxed vibe that leaves you hankering for more. From its laneways filled with iconic street art and quirky shops, to exciting festivals, to stunning nature trails, the city has much to offer for the adventurous. Don’t limit yourself to the city centre but […]


Pasta – The Food of Athletes

Pasta has been a part of the athletes’ diet for some time now. Athletic trainers believe in its highly nutritive qualities and it is their recommended diet Dietary principles are similar: it is a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates, proteins, and non-saturated (and some saturated) fats. The extensive use of olive oil in pasta […]


The Healing Power of Nature

Snøhetta Designs Outdoor Care Retreats for Patients at Norway’s Largest Hospitals In the peaceful ambience of the forests only a short walking distance from two of Norway’s largest hospitals secluded wooden shelters aspire to make hospitalisation easier for patients and their families. On behalf of the Friluftssykehuset Foundation, Oslo-based global design firm Snøhetta( designed […]

Silent Fright

It creeps up on you stealthily; one minute you’re sleeping peacefully and the next you find yourself suddenly awake and left crippled for what feels like eternity. Sleep paralysis can strike anyone but what may seem like a paranormal experience to most, may actually contain a proper explanation behind its occurrence. Ever woken up in […]