Festive New Year Delights

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Entertaining can be a breeze with a plan and a faith in modern technology that can ease your cooking

You love to cook but cooking for the upcoming Chinese New Year Party seems like a daunting task. You’ll need octopus arms to be doing so many types of dishes in so many different ways. Traditional favourites include fresh seafood and pen chai (basin dish), yu sheng and roast meats, lucky vegetables, sticky desserts and golden-coloured delights.


Sit down and write out a plan and a menu that includes grandma’s traditions and your own modern version of things for a touch of the unexpected such as these:

Lucky red-coloured cocktails for drinks:

Strawberry margarita, shirley temple or watermelon mojito

Fresh salads to cut through the richness and grease plus a healthy option:

– Cos lettuce, lychee and watermelon seeds with lucky orange dressing.

– Cucumber salad with chrysanthemum petals, and pineapple with lime dressing.

Steam, roast and bake more instead of boiling, braising and frying for healthier options:

– Red drum fish baked in paper parcel with wolfberries

– Steamed rabbit fish (pai tu) with tangerine sauce

– Roast chicken with pineapple and honey

– Grilled prawns or lobster with lemon oil and garlic

Technology is on your side

In this day and age of technology you don’t need hundreds of pots and pans and cooking appliances.

You just need a multi-function oven. It’s an investment that makes all your festive entertaining so much more convenient.

I’m glad to have my recent Teka MAESTRO HLB 860 P – Pyrolytic Multifunction SurroundTemp oven with 20 recipes and system DualClean. This German brand oven is my sous chef with 20 preset recipes at a touch, and it can guide me through its inbuilt screen to achieve recipes cooked to perfection. Steam, slowcook, bake and roast like a pro.

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