What you should know about Jadeite?

There is a Chinese saying “Gold is valuable, but Jade is priceless”. So what is the difference between jade and jadeite? Jade is a general term which consists of two different minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is highly demanded and is exclusively sourced from Myanmar, formerly Burma, hence it is widely known as “Burmese Jade”. […]

The Art of Perfumes

Perfumes can entice your charm and bring out your personality! Floral Floral perfumes indicate that the user is jovial, flirty, romantic, spontaneous and adventurous. You are someone who is always in the limelight, full of confidence and feminism. Depending on your age, young girls suit lighter floral scents better. Woody Customised for ladies who are […]


Stay in a Tree House

Mamole Tree House of Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia is Sumbanese in style and features traditional elements including local carvings If you’re a fan of design and architecture and seek something a little different during your usual hotel stays on holiday, check in to the Mamole Tree House. The luxury Indonesian resort Nihiwatu (Nihi), winner of […]

Malapascua Island – The home away from home

Speak of getaways and the usual suspects such as Koh Samui and Bali will pop up. This summer, do away with those cliche destinations and jump right into the well-balanced world of idyllic beaches and rustic charms. Situated north of Cebu and in the Visayan Sea, Malapascua Island is a paradise that boasts white, sandy […]


Multi-Seed Goodness

A little tricky on the the teeth but fruits that have hundreds of seeds in them offer a world of goodness to your body and mind. You’ll find fruits with many seeds in all climates from berries to exotic tropical beauties like dragon fruit and papaya. Many of the seeds are tiny and can be […]

Fat-busting with Food

There is one misconception that people often have, and it is that food is the root of all evil and that food is the enemy in the battle against fat. After tackling all that food from numerous meals with family and friends, it is time to do something about the few extra weight over that […]


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Wall of Green

You have always loved plants for the soothing, green lushness they bring. After a long day at the office you can relax in the midst of your foliage and de-stress. But how do you fill your home with plants without a balcony or much floor space? Your living room wall is perfect. Create a vertical […]

A Green Home

If you want to start living green, begin with your home.  Other than the workplace, the next place you’d spend half your lifetime in is probably your home. It’s the place where you sleep, rest, and recharge. It’s also where you spend time with family and close friends, bonding and relaxing after a hectic day. […]