Shopping Tips

It’s that time of the year again when the shopping frenzy begins. Here are some tips to keep you in good stead amidst the madness. How to Buy Jewellery Buying jewellery can be fun, exciting and confusing. Whether you’re considering a gift of jewellery for someone special or as a treat for yourself, take some […]

Make it your space – MINI Vision Urbanaut.

The MINI brand is using #NEXTGen to present, in a world exclusive, the MINI Vision Urbanaut – an all-new interpretation of a vision of space. This digital vision vehicle offers more interior space and versatility than ever before, but still on a minimal footprint. The Vision vehicle uses the three MINI moments – “Chill”, “Wanderlust” […]


Tropical Islands – Philippines

There are stunning beaches and 7107 islands to choose. You cannot help but picture the Philippines as island life. Generally laidback, stable and safe you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time soaking in the natural wonders, colourful history, tropical warm weather as well as the beautiful  islands that are scattered all over the country.  […]

Hike in Stunning Scenery

Explore the top 10 mountain hiking areas of Norway from the wild and extreme to family-friendly fun. Best of all it’s cool all year round. What a way to escape the heat and rushed city life than to explore breathtaking greenery, mountains, wild life, glaciers and fjords. You can even stay at a lodge. JOTUNHEIMEN […]


Keep Tabs on Your Cholesterol

A careful diet, physical exercise, and upbeat mind may just help to rein in your cholesterol levels and keep you healthy. Cholesterol is found in all animals and animal-based foods; it is also a fat or lipid that is produced by our liver that is essential for a lot of our body functions. For example, […]

Over-eating Blues

Beat overindulgence and an uncomfortable stomach It’s that time of the year again for office parties, festive gatherings and Christmas. We over-eat so much that our bodies beg us to stop. We ignore all the signs till a sharp unforgiving pain in the gut jolts us to our senses. At New Year festivities, company dinners […]


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White Christmas

If you’re thinking of having a lovely home the colour of snow the good news is that there are many options of white in the spectrum. White is not limited to stark white or clinical white. The shades of white available today in the form of paint, wallpaper, rugs, leather, carpets, furniture, tiles and flooring […]

SPRING CLEANING for the New Year

Christmas is approaching and it’s time to give your home a new lease of life. Getting your house spotless and guest-ready is undeniably a chore for most of us. From the basic to the backbreaking, we’ve got a list of quick tips and tricks to revitalise your living space with minimum fuss. Before you run […]