Affogato Dessert and Coffee Lovers Head for Keong Saik

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The Affogato Lounge presents new indulgence of decadent affogato desserts, cocktails, hearty bites and a good cuppa

Follow your nose to the aromas of brewing coffee, and melting chocolate and caramel. The Affogato Lounge on Keong Saik follows the success of The Affogato Bar at Cluny Court – The Affogato Group’s first standalone coffee bar in Asia to specialise in affogato desserts and innovative coffee.

The affogato stars

The launch of The Affogato Lounge celebrates with its first ever Asian-inspired affogato dessert – Coco Black ($17). The pulut hitam (black glutinuous rice) affogato is served with kaya bread pudding, fresh coconut ice cream and drizzled with Empirewhich brings with it hints of berry jam, chocolate and caramel. Empire is Ozone Roaster’s flagship espresso blend that packs as much sweetness, chocolate and caramel into an espresso as possible. It is also the starlet in Fleur de Caramel ($15) and Crème de la Malt ($14).

Paramount, with its deep, smooth and dark roast takes the lead in The Affogato Lounge’s first alcoholic affogato – Tiramisu ($20). Poured over The Affogato’s Lounge’s unique deconstructed take on the traditional Italian dessert, Paramount lends a hint of dark chocolate and muscovado sugar to complete the sweet, creamy mascarpone, crunchy ladyfingers and dark espresso ice cream ensemble.

The Trilogy ($16), a favourite among chocolate lovers, comprises of a 70% dark chocolate sorbet, caramel blanc and single origin dark cocoa served with Fitzroy, a beautifully aromatic coffee rich in flavor with floral and fruit notes in the front, and a lingering chocolate finish. The coffee blend also goes with Hazelnette ($17) for those who prefer a nutty and creamier option.

All affogatos are served with micro-batch ice cream freshly made in-house,pacotized to ensure minimal air, and the smooth, creamy texture all around.


The Affogato Lounge’s cocktail selection is a three-act showcase of yin and yang with coffee, tea and marmalade.

Bruno, a velvety cocktail made up of rum, maple and espresso with a creamy layer of foam at the top, invites you with the scent of a good, coffee roast and reels you in with a sweet and smooth finish. Its counterpart, Sienna is a dessert cocktail with Baileys Irish Cream and 70% dark cocoa, satisfying the desire for an alcoholic mocha.

Concocted with Singaporean tea brand Pryce Tea, The Affogato Bar has designed Ashen and Auburn. The former is a combination Pryce Tea’s Collyer Quay, a liquid gold blend of Lapsang Souchong and Assam black tea, citrus and bourbon whiskey. Served with star anise torched right at the very end, the drink carries smokiness through the nose and right into the peaty flavor of the tea. The latter is a gin-based sour cocktail, mixed with Vanda Miss Joaquim, a tie guan yin and orchid petal blend that lends a calming and relaxing floral note to the drink.

In Twist, Straits Preserve’s award-winning Spice Island Marmalade and Tropical Calamansi take centerstage in Eldorado and Savannah. Eldorado is a refreshing take on the whiskey sour, with a slight hint of sweet ginger and tropical notes. Savannah is a vodka mix with fresh blackberries and sweet basil that brings out the sweet and zesty flavour of the calamansi marmalade.

Warm meals

Warm savoury meals include a selections of paninis, bowls and baked quiches. Recommended dishes include the Duck Croque Monsieur Panini ($16), Spicy Italian Panini($15), Italian Couscous Tuna Bowl ($15) and Blue Swimmer Crab Quiche ($13).

The Affogato Lounge, Tel: +65 9889 7005 Address: KēSa House, 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-02, Singapore 089158.