The battle of the desserts – Which party (dessert) will win?

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The battle of the desserts is no doubt one of the hot topics these days. After a long walk in the hot sun, will you settle for a cup of frozen yoghurt coupled with crunchy nuts and chewy fruit toppings or a sinful cone of chocolate oreo ice cream drizzled with colourful chocolate bits that give you a blissful feeling?

While many will shout frozen yoghurt as their first choice for a simple reason it being as a healthier option, some cannot forget the taste of that premium ice cream that they tasted months ago. Many people around me have shifted their loyalties to the dessert that was once never in our menu. Is this the end for our no.1 childhood favourite ice cream? Never I’ll say.

If we compare both desserts in terms of their healthier value, yes, frozen yoghurts win in this category due to their low calorie and less fat content compared to ice creams. In addition, the amount of lactose present in frozen yoghurt is more digestible because these frozen yoghurts contain enzymes that help break down dairy products. People who are lactose intolerant will usually opt for frozen yoghurt as it causes minimal or no effect.

Ice cream on the hand is stereotyped to be high in fat and sugar content and is even categorized in the smallest section of our Food Pyramid. It is made up of a much larger percentage of milk fat. To be more precise, we are looking at a considerable amount of approximately 25% of the ice cream’s total ingredient base that comes from fatty milk product, causing it to be a less desirable option at times.

From young, we have heard the “No” policy from our parents, relatives, dentists and doctors when it comes to sweet (and sinful) desserts. Though true, one cannot deny the amount of happiness a scoop of ice cream can bring. An intangible ‘power’ so huge that it breaks all age barriers. From jumping ecstatic kids satisfied with a classic vanilla scoop to a group of adults armed with spoons sharing a tub of cookies and cream ice cream. Well, scientists have shown that ice cream does make you happier as it tickles your brain with every spoonful taken. Another reason why ice cream still has their loyal female fans around!

“I’ll choose yoghurt on regular days, but when I’m feeling down, Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chuck is the first thing I go for.” Samantha, a 21-year-old communication student commented.

Now, let’s look into the variety of flavours. Frozen yoghurts are limited in variety as compared to ice creams. Most of the time you would see fruity flavours such as peach, honeydew, pomegranate… apart from the original flavour. What buyers are spoilt for choices are the toppings to go along with the chosen yoghurt. From crunchy almond nuts to sweet fruit cubes and even my all-time favourite – wheat germs!

With new and exotic ice cream flavours popping up in the market these days, it’s pretty hard to count the numbers. Though the classics like vanilla, chocolate and mint are still hot favourites, new and improved ones are gaining much popularity too. Ever tried kimchi or earl grey tea ice cream? It tastes like the original food product just creamier, softer and colder.

Frozen yoghurt gained popularity in Singapore only a few years back. Previously, it was just one or two shops around the city area selling you their well-received flavours. These days, one is able to see a rising number of shops islandwide selling you the experience where you are given the freedom to customize and make your own frozen yoghurt, bringing the fun to another level! You can choose from a range of flavours, fill your cup with an amount you want and decorate them with your desired toppings!

On the contrary, you don’t see many ice cream shops offering the same customization experience as frozen yoghurts, but ice creams are the best when it comes to a fusion of a hot and cold dessert. What do I mean by this? Imagine yourself seated in front of a table with these items: a plate of chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top, a warm chocolate soufflé and a warm waffle with two scoops of raspberry ice cream! Before you start drooling, now substitute the ice cream mentioned in those desserts with peach and honeydew yoghurts. Still, having the same salivation effect? I doubt it. This is because we find it weird to have frozen yoghurt with our warm desserts.

Though it’s not impossible, people tend to prefer ice cream to frozen yoghurt in this case. The sweeter the better, so that when you take the first bite of your waffle with a small portion of the ice cream, it gives you a hot and cold sensation as it tingles down your throat. That indescribable feeling that makes you close your eyes to focus and use nothing but your sense of taste. In addition, the sweetness of the ice cream neutralises the blandness of the waffle, creating a flawless combination.

It’s really hard to determine which dessert wins in this battle. For a more health-conscious person, your vote goes to the frozen yoghurt because it’s healthier and more digestible or perhaps you like the idea of creating your own desired dessert. Another option you may like to explore is the gelatos and sorbets. Gelatos have less fat than regular ice cream and there is no air added at all. (A small amount of air incorporated naturally during the churning process) Sorbets are all about the fruit and give a really quenching and refreshing taste. Moreover, cream, milk and eggs are not present in the recipe list, relying only on sugar, lemon juice and the fruit flavour.

To ice cream lovers, there is no stopping you for loving this dessert in the years to come as new and unconventional flavours just give you more reasons to try them out, not forgetting the perfect fusion where hot and cold meets.

Well, they always say that even after a full meal, there is always room of desserts! So why not fill half the room with frozen yoghurt and the other half with ice cream to get the best of both worlds!