Fat-busting with Food

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There is one misconception that people often have, and it is that food is the root of all evil and that food is the enemy in the battle against fat.

After tackling all that food from numerous meals with family and friends, it is time to do something about the few extra weight over that short time-span. No, there is no need to stop eating your favourite foods. Just do it moderately together with the consumption of the following types of food that join you in the battle against fat and weight-gain.

Citrus fruits and Berries
Small berries like raspberries and blueberries can be popped into your mouth one after another – a great replacement for popcorn or candy. They contain lots of pectin that actually make the fat in our bodies release fat cells, speeding up the process of breaking down fats.

Citrus fruits (lime, lemons, oranges, grapefruits) are rich in Vitamin C that aid in speeding up fat processing, diluting the fat which makes the fat less effective before releasing it from the body.

Combine squeezed lime juice with iced green tea and honey to make a refreshing and healthy drink!

Spices (Chillies, Cayenne Pepper and Cardamon)
Chillies and Cayenne Pepper contain large amounts of capsaicin that increases the rate of metabolism in the human body. Capsaicin is thermogenic while cardamon is a thermogenic herb and such substances burn body fat faster due to the increase in metabolism.

Dairy products
While very helpful with fat-burning, it is recommended that getting low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk and plain low-fat yogurt are the most effective. Low-fat yogurts contain the most amount of calcium which boosts fat-loss by increasing the fat breakdown between fat cells.

Drinking 3 to 4 servings of milk daily also help to reach our daily intake of Vitamin D while not consuming enough calcium triggers the release of a hormone that causes fat to build up in the body.

Protein-rich foods
(Eggs and lean meats like turkey and chicken breast)
Protein-rich foods are usually harder for the body to work with and digest which results in requiring more energy to do so. Such a factor helps with fat burning.

Eggs are a form of concentrated animal protein without the added fat and it is a nutritional powerhouse and a good way to start your day with as it provides just about enough energy to last you till lunch time. However, never over-eat eggs as they provide you with truckloads of cholesterol. It is much wiser to separate the whites and fry them before sandwiching it between slices of whole-grain bread and fresh lettuce; a good breakfast to start the day off with.

Green tea
Green tea revs up metabolism rates and reduces fat by preventing the fat from growing and settling to the belly. Green tea powder is often used in weight loss pills and dubbed ‘A weight loss miracle’, which is pretty true, actually.

Whole-grains and oatmeal
High in soluble fibre, oats cut cholesterol and fat from blood. It is advisable to eat only unflavoured and unsweetened oatmeal. However, if you are a picky-eater, give your oatmeal a healthy flavour by adding fresh or dried fruits and honey. Oats also digest slowly and keep you feeling full till late morning.

Never let the ‘wheat’ labels on certain food fool you. Only purchase those that state explicitly “whole grain” as these are the good carbohydrates that you ought to consume more than processed ones like those in white rice and breads.

Nuts make for good snacks that are not junk-food; they also do help you burn fat. It makes you feel full, causing you to not eat as much as on other days. Other than providing you with healthier oils, nuts also help reach the required daily serving of protein. They are, however, high in calories and therefore you should limit yourself to a handful of nuts a day.

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