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Introducing Mimica: The new range of Mistral Home Appliances meets the demanding needs of today’s homeowner

Homeowners today are demanding and well-informed consumers. They are well-travelled, well-educated and business-savvy. They are knowledgeable in design, be it product or interior aesthetics, as well as in technology and functionality.

Speed, versatility, quality and design of a product must get the seal of approval before being welcomed into their lifestyles and elegant homes. Crafting your dream home starts from here, with Mimica.

Why Mimica ticks all the boxes of the modern homeowner:

Design and Concept

Mimica appliances are minimalist in white and wood texture, following the latest trend and Japanese concept of “Less is More”. Their simple lines and understated contemporary tones blend seamlessly into any living space.

Technology and Intelligence

From the ergonomic placement of handles to buttons to touch screens to multiple functions, Mimica appliances are engineered to make your life easier, and more convenient, so you can relax and enjoy moments spend with family and friends.

Safety and Versatility

As we spend more time at the office or on business trips, we need reliable appliances that are safe. With Mimica, there’s no need to nervously wonder if we switched off the button or if something is overheating and burning. Mimica has functions such as overheating protection and dependable timer settings.

New Mimica Products that Need to be in Your Life:

1.8L Electric Kettle (MEK18)

Sleek and elegant, Mimica’s Electric Kettle blends into your modern home with ease while producing quality functionality. The double wall feature assures that the kettle body is safe to touch from the outside without getting scalded. Easy cord storage at the base ensures neatness and compactness at all times.

Usual Price: $59 Launch Price: $39

Multi-functional Electric Hot Pot with Grill (MHP3)

Mimica thinks about your well-being. The suave Multi-Functional Electric Hotpot with Grill comes with a removable stainless steel cooking pot and a non-stick grill plate for you to enjoy steamboat or barbeque feast anytime you like. The adjustable temperature knob offers flexibility into your culinary, allowing healthier searing and cooking with minimal oil and maximum flavour. It’s easy to clean and store. This is a good looking quality appliance that any home entertainer would love to show off to party guests.

Usual Price: $79 Launch Price: $59

0.8L Rice Cooker (MRC16)

Tradition meets versatility. The old school single-switch control of the Mimica 0.8L Rice Cooker maintains its easy-to-use function for your typical essential kitchen appliance. The small-sizing also aids in easy storage and taking up minimal space in your kitchen, and the Keep Warm function is handy for latecomers to meal time.

Usual Price: $89 Launch Price: $59

1.0L Digital Rice Cooker (MRC20D)

Foodies and cooks want more than rice these days. Mimica’s flexible 1.0L Digital Rice Cooker locks in texture and taste lets you preps porridge, grains, soup, lentils and congee. Pre-set the time (up to 24 hours) and you have a delicious, warm meal waiting for you when you come home tired and hungry. With sleek looks and 6 operating functions, a detachable steam vent and inner cap, this compact rice cooker provides a greater amount of choice selection and convenience. It also does Claypot, Soup, Porridge, Steam and Keep Warm.

Usual Price: $99 Launch Price: $69

9” High Velocity Fan with Remote Control (MHV901R)

Rainy day or a hot day, simply look at the clever temperature display on this Mimica fan and you can select various modes of comfort. Speed, oscillation directions, eco and natural mode are engineered into the sensor touch buttons, LED display and an 8-hour timer. The back handle is ergonomical and makes the fan easy to move around. To make life easy, the remote lets you control everything from the comfort of your seat.

Usual Price: $128 Launch Price: $98

10” High Velocity Stand Fan with Remote Control (MHV998R)

Set on a stand this Mimica stand fan blends elegantly into your living space. It has 12-speed selection with 3-angle options up to 90° on your auto-oscillation of up and down, and left and right, covering your whole zone with comforting breeze. The 8-hour timer and multi-function remote control add to the range of versatility and technological intelligence of this appliance. Its D.C. (direct current) motor makes it more energy efficient and cost saving.

Usual Price: $168 Launch Price: $138

The Mimica Series Appliances are now available at Mayer Showrooms, and Retailers such as BEST Denki, COURTS, Gain City, MEGA Discount Store and TANGS. For more information on the Mimica Series, visit