Lot’s of Cooking Coming Up

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Chinese New Year is not only a time for entertaining, but also a time for cooking and eating Lucky Foods

It is definitely not a time for your old oven, cooker and appliances to break down and leave you in a panic. Restaurants are fully booked, all your ingredients have been bought, and your guests are looking forward to that traditional braised pork belly – especially grandma who handed down the secret recipe to you.

In addition to cooking you need to get rid of the food fumes and smoke that waft up into the air and rooms, and spoil all that hardwork you did spring cleaning. And you certainly do not want your guests frowning about the stale smells and putrid air that stick to their New Year clothes.

These ingredients are vital in the Chinese New year meal as they symbolise a prosperous and good year ahead. They require reliable flames and heat to lock in their delicate flavours and freshness, as well as quality hoods to get rid of the cooking fumes.

Lucky Foods to serve for the Year of the Pig 2019

1 Yu sheng – Raw fish or seafood salad tossed together with condiments, oils and spice symbolises abundance and togetherness

2 Fish and prawns – Fortune and wealth

3 Pencai – Big Bowl feast, consisting of layers of seafood, pork, vegetables, abalone, sea cucumber, scallops and more symbolising wealth, abundance and good tidings

4 Roasted pig – Peace

5 Whole chicken and lobster – The symbol for phoenix and the dragon brings hope and good tidings for families and married couples

6 Duck ­ – Loyalty

7 Black moss and dried oysters – Striking it rich and prospering

8 Tofu – Happiness and fortune for the whole family

9 Noodles – Longevity

10 Stirfry vegetable mix: Seaweed (wealth and fortune), lotus seeds (fertility and health), bamboo shoots (longevity and progress), leeks and chives (long and everlasting), mushrooms (blessings of fortune)

11 Dessert or tea of osmanthus flower petals – Noble and precious

12 Nian gao or sticky cake – For good luck and a ‘higher year’

To cook and prepare these essentials, you need fresh quality ingredients and a reliable hob and oven. And this is the time when special deals are available.

Take advantage of these festive promotions by Mayer:

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– Welcome Spring as you create your kitchen with this Mayer hood, gas hob and oven bundle. Let the fragrance of home-made dishes usher in warmth and good fortune into your home.

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– Mayer’s Hood and Induction Hob will become a pearl of prosperity in your kitchen with its user friendly wireless connection functions that smoothens out your cooking processes and clean-ups.

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Mayer gas hobs also come with safety devices including flame failure safety devices that guard against gas leakages and accidental fires.

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