Make a Bold Statement in Black

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Mayer’s New Line of Kitchen Appliances in black are set to impress in both design and function

Black is the absence of colour but it draws your attention. Designers love black, because it adds definition to a space and inspires sophistication and prestige when used in balance. Black in psychology is authoritative and powerful, as it boosts confidence – increasing the sense of potential and possibility.

In feng shui, black is associated with the water element and invokes good energy, power and calm. When used intelligently, black instils a protecting aura to your environment.

Whatever your kitchen or dining concept of your home, black appliances stand out for their bold elegance. They match any texture and surface, colour background and fittings. Stainless steel and black, timber and black, concrete and black, natural stone and black – and of course the classic white render and black. Black simply elevates any style and vision.

The Black Series by Mayer, is a new launch of kitchen appliances that come in an exciting palette of black finish from matte to shining to combinations with steel and carbon.

For a Concept & Theme of Contemporary Elegance

Start with this list of Mayer appliances from the New Black Series

Mayer Air Fryer Oven


Compact and stylish in black and steel, the Mayer Air Fryer Oven in 24L is a counter top convection oven with a built-in Air Fryer, which lets you enjoy an array of cooking in just one appliance. Perfectly ideal for preparing a whole range of your favourite food, snack and desserts without worrying about space compromisation within your small kitchen.

Mayer Pressure Cooker


With a contemporary look with a black and steel finish, this suave Electric Pressure Cooker works its magic by saving so much time in preparing and cooking your meals. Pressure cooking not only locks in goodness, flavour, vitamins and nutrients, it also does so in a fraction of the time compared to conventional stove top cooking. Stews, curries, herbal soups and braises will impress your friends who will think you took hours and hours of slow cooking. With 14 cooking functions, 3 cooking textures of Strong, Standard and Light, Preset Timer up to 24 hours, you can even bake bread and create desserts and steam seafood in mere minutes without sacrificing depth of flavour.

Mayer Air Fryer


A touch of both retro and modern tech, this sleek Air Fryer in black and stainless steel trim feels at home in any part of your kitchen. Reaching temperatures of 200°C with adjustable thermostat, non-slip feet and automatic shut-off you can create a variety of delicious favourites knowing that results and safety mechanism are optimum. The detachable frying basket is easy to use and makes cleaning a breeze.

Mayer Electric Kettle


Black on the outside with a stainless steel inner wall, the base swivels 360 degrees, so that this maximum capacity 1.5L kettle is convenient to use even in the tightest of corners. This kettle has a double wall which ensures a cool touch, so that you do not scald yourself when you touch the kettle surface while it’s hot. The seamless liner offers easy cleaning – which is vital for safety when the water is consumed by your whole family from infant to elderly.

Mayer Electric Oven


Simplicity in design with a smooth touch, the 5-Function Electric Oven provides Fermentation, Top & Bottom Heat, Top Heat with Rotisserie, Top & Bottom Heat with Fan, Top Heat with Fan & Rotisserie. Roast a chicken, or a fillet of salmon; bake some scones; or create the best pizza in the world – with high tech heating elements, and the flexibility to control the top and bottom temperatures individually and reaching all the way till 230°C, your oven cooking repertoire just got better. The M-shape heating element also ensures that heat is thoroughly spread around the oven for even cooking of your food.