RAMEN CUBISM Lands in Hong Kong

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Celebrity Japanese Ramen Champion & Famous Ramen Creator team up to bring in the ramen brand

It’s a new era for ramen-lovers as Japan’s national champion Hayashi Takao and iconic ramen inventor Matsumura Takahiro open flagship for international brand in Wellington Street, Central in Hong Kong.

Chef Hayashi

Japan’s ramen noodle champion Hayashi Takao and leading specialist in Japan’s national culinary art form Matsumura Takahiro today launched their first international flagship brand RAMEN CUBISM (weblink: www.facebook.com/ramencubismhk/) at a chic basement venue in Wellington Street, Central.

His partner Chef Matsumura is equally renowned as a ramen master and recipe developer, having established eight playfully-named noodle brands including Human Beings Everybody Noodles, ranked among Osaka’s favourite restaurants on Tripadvisor, The Old Man’s Best Swing, The Most Deserted Ramen-Bar In The World, The Soul of Japan, Takahiro Ramen, Namonaki Ramen and the newly opened The Most Hopeful Ramen Bar in the World.

The two young chefs, both aged 31, are collaborating for their first overseas venture with Hong Kong’s Bird Kingdom Group, renowned for putting Lai Chi Kok’s D2 Place on the dining map.

Famed for his soup bases, Chef Hayashi handcrafts his culinary creations from prized, specially-selected ingredients. Key ‘secret’ ingredients that have sparked a cult following among ramen-aficionados include prized Tanba chicken, organically reared from pesticide-free farms for a fragrant and rich flavor; and kagome khumbu, a nutritional, edible kelp known also as ‘bamboo seaweed’, which was once reserved only for royalty, but is harvested exclusively for him by a khumbu artisan.