The Power of Suction

Which vacuum cleaner works for your home? Nowadays, the range of vacuum cleaners is so varied that you can most certainly find something that is multi-purpose enough for your needs. Whether you’re the type who needs serious cleaning to be done because of a large household or merely superficial cleaning because of frequent nights out, […]

Detox for Health

Rid your body of harmful toxins and pave the way for an enhanced well-being. Widely practised across many cultures and countries, detoxification is a treatment in alternative medicine that eliminates toxins from our body; through removing toxins and then nourishing the body with essential nutrients, our body are protected from diseases and revitalised; thus enhancing […]

Over-worked Body

Over-exercising can cause problems to your health and well-being. I’m always recharged after a run. Yes, during it, I might be so out of breath that I’d swear off running, but whenever I cool down after the run, I’d feel so refreshed, proud of myself (even if it’s only a 10 minute run), and life […]