Coconut oil crave

The merits of coconut oil despite its bad rep. Although coconut drinks are not my favourite, many of my family and friends love to sip them especially on a hot, humid day and we have many of such days here. There is something addictive about ordering a coconut drink; one such bonus could be coconut […]

Lounge about in Style

Choose the ideal sofa for your home. The sofa has been around for the longest time. During the 19th century, men and women would often use the lounge bed or settee for eating and socialising. And during the Chinese dynasties, ministers would confer with each other on world affairs over wooden settees in their residences. […]

Bad Mood Busters

Having a bad day at work? Feeling cranky? Is it one of those days when nothing seems to go right or perhaps you got up on the wrong side of the bed? You might be feeling ratty and snappy at everything that is happening around you. Guess what, the real victims are actually your colleagues […]