Cellulite 101

Numerous misconceptions about cellulite exist. It’s time to separate fact from fiction. Cellulite is just common fat False. Cellulite is different from other types of fat in the body. “Normal” fat lies underneath the skin. Cellulite is compartmentalised fat inside the skin, not underneath it. It is caused by the accumulation of excess fat in […]

Asian Relaxation

Get yourself loosen up and recharged with Asia’s specialised therapies– Shirodhara, Thai herbal bath and Tui Na. Months of piling workloads become worthwhile after a great relaxation at spas and massage centres. After each session, expect yourself to feel more energetic as your body relaxes. If you haven’t tried the conventional Asian methods of relaxation, […]

Keep Tabs on Your Cholesterol

A careful diet, physical exercise, and upbeat mind may just help to rein in your cholesterol levels and keep you healthy. Cholesterol is found in all animals and animal-based foods; it is also a fat or lipid that is produced by our liver that is essential for a lot of our body functions. For example, […]