Tea of Life

“Coffee or tea?” asks the waiter. “Tea,” I reply without hesitation, “definitely tea.” I’ve always been a tea person. There’s no question about it. Coffee just doesn’t cut it for me – it’s too bold, too brash, too harsh, even. It doesn’t have that soothing aroma and lightly scented taste, or that cooling and slightly […]

Removing Kitchen Clutter

Clutter in the kitchen just like everywhere else tends to accumulate over time. I like to utilise every possible space I can find in my house. As I seldom cook, I tend to hoard some of my kitchen space for other items like camera boxes and IT accessories. I know. It’s the least likely space […]

Cooking with Nuts and Seeds

Looking to add variety to your meals? Nuts and seeds promise to deliver that extra crunch. From adding subtle texture to full-on flavour, nuts and seeds are ingredients which are guaranteed to put a new spin on your favourite home-cooked dishes. Toss them in a salad, or eat them lightly roasted on their own. The […]