Chen Man – Visual Artist/Photographer/Designer

She is the newest celebrity fan to join Mandarin Oriental’s 20 year global advertising campaign He’s a Fan/She’s a Fan

Born in Beijing, Chen Man graduated with a BA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and first came to attention for her unique style when she photographed a series of fantastical covers for Vision, a design and art magazine based in China. She is now a widely respected international photographer who primarily focuses her lens on fashion, beauty and art. Her artistic, manipulated and arresting images have featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

Chen Man has exhibited her art globally. Her most prominent exhibitions have travelled to Hong Kong, London, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

The He’s a Fan/She’s a Fan campaign connects Mandarin Oriental’s well-recognised symbol – the fan – with international celebrities who regularly stay at the Group’s hotels. In appreciation of their support, the Group donates to each celebrity’s individual choice of charity. Chen Man has chosen the nature conservancy charity, Game Rangers International.

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