Nadia Chan Wears Many Hats

Finding joy in balancing career, personal time, motherhood and beauty business venture

Tucking in her five-year-old son to bed. Planning marketing strategies for her skincare venture. Dealing with clients and media in the world of public relations.

With steely determination and grit Nadia Chan seeks balance in work and life. The Singaporean is co-founder of Maiko, the Singapore distributor of Australian skincare brand CANVAS; the general manager of a public relations agency; and mother to young Callum. She sets the tone for mum-preneurs, as she rides her own wave of success with boundless optimism and an unstoppable drive.

In this game of tug-of-war between responsibilities as a mum and a working professional, the 31-year-old has defied all odds that the pressures of family and following one’s passion are such that women today must choose one or the other. She aims to spread the message that we can still embark on motherhood and remain true to ourselves, our values, our passions and purpose.

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A Chat with Nadia Chan – Mother, General Manager, and Entrepreneur

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Mother’s Day is a day to honour our mothers and express our gratitude to them for the important role they play in our lives, and their unconditional love and sacrifices. It is also a good time to give yourselves (if you’re a mother) the credit you deserve!

How do you balance career, motherhood and your business venture?

It boils down to planning and ensuring that I have time for everything. Callum, my son, is my top priority so running a business and pursuing a full time PR career usually has to work around the time when he is in school or in bed. I also make sure I have two evenings a week to do what I want – whether it is seeing my friends or going for a relaxing massage.

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Tell us a little about this business venture of yours called Maiko and the CANVAS skincare product that you distribute.

Maiko is the Singapore distributor for CANVAS. It was co-founded together with my sister, Sophia to provide natural and organic skincare solutions to women with products that contain plant extracts and aromatherapy oils.

What advice can you give mothers who want to build a business of their own?

Let go of the mum guilt and the expectations of motherhood. Focus on the positive things, and know that trying your best in everything you do and being pleased with your efforts is what matters most. Live by your own rules and have fun. When you start practising this belief, you will realise that you will enjoy every single step.

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