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From wallpaper, painting and decal stickers to laminates, the possibilities to dress up your walls are now more wide-ranging than before.

With such a diverse range of wall coverings in the market, it’s now easy as breeze to stamp your personal identity and style into your home interior. Never mind if you’re not even remotely skilled in interior design, the wall coverings available today are designed for painless and easy installation. When choosing the appropriate wall covering, some of the factors to consider, on top of ease of installation, would be the versatility, budget, and durability. We take a look at some of these wall designs:

Wallpaper has to be one of the most versatile wall coverings available ever. Should you have an unsightly concrete wall, wallpaper can come to the rescue easily. With its wide variety of designs, patterns, and finishes from glossy to matte and sheen etc, wallpaper can fit into almost any theme for your home. Want a rustic brick wall in the corner of your living room but hate the dust that it accumulates? Get a wallpaper design with a rustic brick finish and say goodbye to cleaning woes. The wallpaper designs are so wide-ranging that you can choose a marble-design wallpaper and your friends might actually mistake the wall to be stone. It doesn’t only looks real but also feels real; the effect trickles down to the texture as well. Wallpapers are also easy to maintain: dirty surfaces can be wiped off using soap and water.

Despite it being durable – generally lasting between 7 to 10 years, wallpaper is generally not suited for high-moisture or high-temperature areas such as the bathrooms and kitchens. High humidity might cause the wallpaper to be detached and peel off. The harsh glare of the UV rays might also cause the wallpaper to fade; thus it’s wise to avoid areas near foyers and windows where there’s ample sunlight. In addition, care has to be taken during installation to avoid trapped air bubbles especially if you’re doing it on your own. However, wallpaper companies usually provide complimentary installation during purchases. Available in rolls of standard wall sizes, you can shop for the design you want online or at the mall. Prices are generally cheaper during home exhibitions than when you purchase off the shelves. Wall story for instance supplies wallpaper designs that are imported from Korea.

Painting has to be one of the most underrated wall coverings in the market. It has a wide variety – unlimited colours and finishes (sheens and glosses). It’s extremely low-maintenance and it’s a low-cost way to adorn the walls of your home. Cheaper than wallpaper and with a longer life span, painting can be undertaken easily on your own or left to the experts. There’re many types of paint in the market ranging from anti-odour to anti-mould that add the perks to a painted wall. Undoubtedly one of the easiest to maintain too – you barely have to clean them. Bored with the theme of your house and want to change it? Painting the walls is the fastest and perhaps easiest way to achieve the theme you want. Using stencils in painting can immediately add drama and your personal touch to your room. Draw a few motifs in different rooms to bring out their character and voila the atmosphere is immediately changed.

Although painting can provide a lift to the ambience you intend to create, their lack of designs and patterns unlike wallpaper designs, makes re-designing the room a little restrictive to begin with. It’s rather time-consuming too if you undertake the job on your own – painting usually requires a few coats, starting with a primer paint, then with the coloured paint. However, if time is an issue, you can always leave it to the professionals at Dulux or Nippon.

Wall decals are a great way to dress up little corners of your private sanctuary. More suited for nooks and corners rather than larger areas although possible too, wall decals add a unique touch to your home. Installation is breezy – just make sure the area is clean and dry before sticking the vinyl sticker onto the surface. Its versatility means you can also adorn your glass door, metal or plastic surfaces with it. Better if you’re the artistic type: customise your designs and pin them throughout. Wall decals are economical and a quick way to spruce up a bare and simple wall such as the headboard or at the dining corner.

When applying though, wall decals work best on dry, even surfaces rather than textured walls. Like all forms of vinyl stickers, places where there’s high moisture and humidity should be avoided. Having one or two wall decal is enough to liven up the interior; more than that would risk the space looking cluttered and DIY-ish. Wall decals can be found in IKEA, speciality shops, and online.

Wall laminates are basically produced from layers of papers soaked in chemical resins and then compressed under high pressure. Wall laminates like wallpaper have a myriad range of designs to choose from. These designs can range from wood veneer grains to granite finishes to geometric styles. Besides walls, the laminates can be applied on table surfaces, counter tops and doors, headboards, TV consoles, and customised furniture pieces as well, complementing the entire ambience of your theme. Their post forming feature also enables curved edges and corners to be finished splendidly as well. Wall laminates effuse a refined and polished finish that can enhance the quality of the interior beautifully.

To shop for the laminate, you can go the manufacturer’s showroom to purchase off the warehouse rack or through flipping catalogues at an interior designer’s showroom. The installation is usually undertaken by an experienced contractor who has the necessary tools and equipment to erect the wall laminate. The cost would vary depending on the quantity and size of laminates as well as the scope of works required. Some of well-known local wall laminate brands in Singapore are TAK and Admira.

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