Colours of Your Home

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In order to create the perfect ambience for your ideal home, colour selections are absolutely important as each wonder brought about by the various combinations of colours creates a new ‘feel’ to your cosy nest!

A well-designed home creates a sense of belonging to the occupants, especially to the owner and his or her family. However, such designs do not come just by decorating with sophisticated furniture or lavish flooring. Instead, it is the miraculous use of the colour combinations that creates the heartwarming ambience.

Meanwhile, for Fengshui believers, the colours used for interior designs are crucial as each colour have different symbolisms to help devotees in their various aspects of lives. Additionally, the vast choices of colours chosen can help to create unique styles to your masterpieces.


The colour of emotional protection and power, black is the colour for careers, as it symbolizes wealth in Fengshui. Besides, this colour emits an air of power, authority as well as high social status.

Black is a strong, eye-catching colour that adds a focal point and refined look to your home. The presence of the dark colour emphasises on details such as the designs of architecture, furniture or even ornaments.

However, moderate the use of black for your beloved home. An excessive use will create an aura of darkness, reducing the level of warmth and joyfulness in the house. Moreover, over-use of black will generate the feeling that the space is smaller than it is.


A colour with multiple symbolisms such as confidence, purity and elegance, white is used to create an impression of a larger space and more light. Although white can be used to elevate the moods in the house, too much white may result in the design to appear to be too common and boring.

In terms of Fengshui, white is a colour of yin energy that is used widely together with gold or silver to create a calm atmosphere.

One way to liven up and have a more natural looking room, multiple hues of white can be used so that the area will not look as dull for a monochromic room. Take for an example, the curtains at your windows can be of pearl or ivory, walls painted magnolia and the floor textured with sparkling white marble tiles.


Classified as a colour with yin energy, blue has a calming effect just like the oceans and sky. Its soothing ability allows you to relax. Also, in Fengshui, blue is said to be able to create a feeling of peace and trust. Whilst some hues of blue signify adventure and exploration, navy blue symbolises intellect and wisdom.

If you are one who loves to travel to captivating destinations with clear waters or seaside, the vast shades of blue can bring you places of a similar kind!

Miss the horizons and sunsets that are so enchanting when you’re at beaches? Use colours like deep blue together with vibrant orange or yellow and some lush green to create such an atmosphere! Alternatively, paint your walls with watery blues and get yourself feeling refreshed when combine the blues with colours that are close to sand. Furthermore, shades like Carribean blue, Mediterranean Blue and Azure will make you feel as if you are at a seaside for vacation.


Since centuries ago, purple is deemed as the colour of royalty and luxury. When the shades of purple are chosen delicately, a sense of richness, satisfying nobility effects is felt. And, according to Fengshui, purple helps in the physical and mental healing, associating with spiritual awareness.

Whilst bluish purples can have a tranquil and calming effect with tints of mystery, reddish purple results in dominance due to its striking nature.

In the meantime, saturated purple can give a dense, impactful enhancement to the room. And, lighter shades of purple like lavender will make the room look more neutral. Thus, the choice of purples used should be taken into serious considerations as the combinations of the various shades can result in contrasting impacts.


A sense of purpose and strengthening your concentration, orange is a warm colour with yang energy in Fengshui studies. This vibrant colour helps one to be more organized and jazz up your appetite.

Not only does orange captures attention, this lively colour has an energizing effect that stimulates your eyes and brains for creativity, allowing people to feel warm when they are in the house.

Often mixed with brown and gray to create shades of terracotta for Mediterranean designs, orange is becoming a popular choice for modern designs to show boldness when creating tropical ambiences with great styles.

Take time to think through the colour combinations that you are going for. Perhaps, before thinking about which colours to use, why not plan out the kind of atmosphere that you want to create for a particular room? For instance, calming colours can be used in your bedrooms to enhance your relaxation and sleep. Hospitable owners who like to hold events at your places, painting orange in your living room can spark of happiness and warmth to your guests, making your place the top rated choice for gatherings and parties.

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