Light up the Kitchen

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Different types of lighting can create various ambiences for your kitchen. Choose one that lights up functionally and aesthetically.

The place where everyone gathers for a hearty meal; and the place where family members and friends share and update each other of happenings in their lives. The kitchen is much more than just a place for cooking but it’s also a place where much social activities take place. This being said, proper lighting can create a relaxing ambience and provide a pleasant backdrop for those partaking of their food and conversations. Lighting in the kitchen is hence not just reserved for food preparation and cooking but also works in tandem with other elements in a kitchen design to create a welcoming atmosphere for those within. On top of that, a good lighting also entails installing an efficient lighting system to ensure energy savings and thus cost savings for your wallet.

There are basically two types of lighting: ambient lighting which creates a specific mood and atmosphere; and task lighting that focuses on providing adequate light and exposure for tasks in the kitchen such as food preparation, cooking, and washing. And if you have a large kitchen, you would definitely have to play with a variety of lighting to provide adequate lighting for the working area and enhance the kitchen design at the same time. Having a balance of both would achieve a combination of aesthetics and functional qualities that are essential in every good interior design. When it comes to ambient lighting, there’s a wide selection available in the market.

Accent lighting, as the name implies, is lighting that highlights certain areas and elements of a kitchen. By installing a track of lighting above or beneath a row of cabinets for example, would cause the kitchen to look immediately alive and more welcoming. Pendant lighting that flushes over island kitchens provide a nice warm glow to the kitchen surrounding, adequately lighting up key areas and tremendously lifting the ambience. Pendant lighting can be installed solo or hung decoratively as a group to adorn the kitchen for a stylish decorative effect.

Chandelier lighting is another form of thematic lighting that can add character and style into an otherwise bland and simple kitchen design. From Victorian to Trendy, a chandelier design can change the look and feel of your kitchen to the desired ambience in quite an instant. Consider installing them above island kitchens or the dining table to create the mood and atmosphere you want.

Ceiling fans that come with lighting fixtures can not only complement the kitchen design but also provide ventilation to the room. There are many types of ceiling fan light designs; choose one that is simple in design with one or more lights for ambience purposes. They also come with dimmers that provide flexibility for your lighting needs.

As task lighting, recessed lights help to streamline the design of the space and also give a clean, understated look to the kitchen. Having them in strategic places, such as focusing on a piece of interesting painting or interior feature, can help to add emphasis as well as widen the perspective of the space to make it bigger for example. Installing them at specific areas where certain tasks are carried out can help to highlight and light up the areas greatly. Consider lighting objects or areas with a few angles to provide more depth and illumination. To light up the areas beneath and above cabinets, try strip or track lighting. This would provide ample task lighting for the work area.

Aside from the loads of designs out there, one important component of a good lighting system is efficiency. The right lighting controls including choosing the appropriate lamps to be installed are important to enhance productivity especially when you’re a homemaker who tends to spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen.

Fluorescent lighting is ideal for task lighting as they are generally more efficient in that they consume lesser energy and they provide more lighting coverage. Areas that require most light will be more suited for fluorescent lighting. Install the lighting above and beneath the cabinets to cast light directly on the kitchen counters for optimal coverage to facilitate working.
Use fluorescent lighting for most of the kitchen tasks for they yield much energy and cost savings.

Incandescent lighting yields a warmer and cozier feel but they are not as energy efficient as fluorescent lighting. Thus, they are more suited for accent lighting for areas where a dose of style is needed. Incandescent lighting produces more heat rendering them unsuited to light functional areas of the kitchen.

To light specific spots efficiently, you can consider halogen lights. They are ideal as accent lighting or for lighting islands and cabinets. Though they could be more efficient than incandescent lights, halogen lighting is still not adequate for lighting the entire kitchen.

For these lights, dimmers are advised to be installed for energy saving purpose. The dimmer effect also allows you the flexibility to customise and control the lighting effect you like. Also have several switches so that you can better control the light you want without turning on all the lights at one time.

For some homes, the owners might prefer to have some light on through the night especially when they tend to use the kitchen late. Having a track light somewhere beneath the cabinet or by the sink would help to meet this purpose. Or consider a motion sensor LED lighting that lights up for enough exposure to grab a drink from the fridge when you waltz in during the wee hours.

Depending on your objectives, both functional and aesthetic, choose lighting fixtures that are easy to maintain. Also consider their ability to hold high-wattage bulbs for optimal lighting. Choose those lighting fixtures that not only complement your kitchen and home theme but also consider their form and function to get the ideal look and feel, and use for your kitchen

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