Minimalist chic

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Inject personality into your minimalist home interiors.

It may not be avant-garde or contemporary because the minimalist look has been around for quite a while in the interior design industry. The good thing is, however, a minimalist designed home can be easily adapted to more elaborate designs in a jiffy and at a much lower cost should you hanker for a change after a few years.

Besides, the minimalist theme could be relatively easy to conceptualise and faster to build, allowing you to move into the decorated house much swifter than expected. Nevertheless, a little effort and creativity are still needed to create a minimalist design that has heaps of your personality.

Theme or concept

Before undertaking the interior design works or before briefing your interior designers, it is good to have an idea as to the designs and styles you are disposed to. Do some research to find out the latest trends on minimalist design. Look at the trends in not only the interiors but also the furniture and lighting selection. Are you the adventurous type who will revel in a cement screed flooring throughout the house for total simplicity and austerity? Or are you all for colouring the entire house including the walls, furniture, and bathroom, a starkly white?

Look at what others have done in interior magazines, blogs and decide for yourself how comfortable you are with the extent of the minimalist look. After deciding on the theme, look individually at the rooms to see how you can inject some pizzazz in them. For example, you might decide to have a slate wall in one of the rooms, and dress up another room with hand-painted black and white motifs or photographs you shot yourself.

When you have considered all the design elements, go through mentally or visually to see how well they all blend together in the look you desired. The minimalist theme need not be boring. Spice it up with intriguing features like a full-height wall sculpture or beautiful ornate vases, statement lighting, or leave the brick walls bare, just to bring out the character to your space. Make it a little messier. Anyway, the space, uncluttered they are, can afford it.

Colours and patterns

Today, there is a wide selection of ways to adorn your walls. Other than painting that concrete slab in more variety of colours than before, you can choose to wallpaper it or cover it with a glaze of wood laminates. These wood laminates have a myriad of choices. Customers can decide from traditional veneer finishes and abstract patterns to one-of-a-kind denim or wool fabric designs.

Once the theme colours are chosen, it is easier to work other visual details like furniture and flooring around them. Having the colour palette ready is to ensure there is a consistent feel and tone to the space once decorating begins. One can be easily overwhelmed with the number of things to order, purchase, and customise and lose track of original ideas and decisions.


Homogeneous, wood laminate, ceramic, cement screed, slate, marble, or parquet? Any of these can be designed with the desired minimalist effect. Do you want them matte, glossy, or patterned? You would need to consider these selections against other visual details like wall coverings or furniture to bring out the desired tone. The key is to achieve the understated look. If your home designs are rugged, you could go for cement screed and if they are crisp and polished, an option would be homogeneous tiles. Oftentimes, it is not just about the look but the ease of maintenance and the safety issues to be duly considered. Should there be children or elderly people in the house, flooring is generally preferred to be matte or anti-slip to prevent falls and accidents.


Would you like the furniture to be made of wood or glass or maybe even ceramic? The choices are again endless. Even when glass might bring out the sleekness and sophistication of a place pretty often and much effortlessly too, there are other materials such as wood, chrome, metal, and marble that could illustrate similar effects. Plush leather seating could, for example, heighten the luxurious note of the living room, or offer an interesting textural contrast to the cement screed flooring. Fabric seating may offer more selection because of their wide and diverse range of fabric materials and designs. How about antique furniture or accessories? These definitely add character and dimension. Not a fan? Designer furniture pieces contribute loads to the sleekness and sophistication as well.


There should be a good combination of floor and fluorescent lighting. Now there are energy-saving and LED lights that are popular among young homeowners or heavy energy users. Floor lamps provide interesting statements to a place especially when they are uniquely designed. Then there are L-boxes, cove lighting, downlighting, and wall lighting. If the space is understatedly designed then choose an elaborate lighting to contrast the space. Focus to keep the spatial design simple and throw in texture, contrast, and symmetry to give it a sense of individuality.


Now you can head into the sanctuary within the boundary of your home. For some with young children, the bathroom could be the only place for some peace and quiet. All the more the space should be carefully designed to allow for maximum relaxation. Keep the bathroom clean and simple with white matte tiles amid screed walls and adorn it with greenery and nature by hanging some plants. Add a dash of wood in the forms of portable shelving or oak-framed mirrors, uplifting the mood of nature scenery for your quiet time. Or banish the walls to your bathroom and affix glass walls in their place. Up the quality a notch by installing granite finishes to the countertops and walls and spruce the flooring with black homogeneous tiles for a monochromatic look.

In keeping with the space understated and arranging the design elements such as colours, furniture, and flooring around it, you could create an interior with mood and tone that is distinctly and minimalist yours.

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