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The kitchen is the space in your house that draws people. They are inadvertently attracted to the delicious food smells, the comforting warmth or the camaraderie of the ambience. If you want to change the way your kitchen looks for 2020 here are a few basic steps that may prove useful.

Firstly it’s essential to come up with a detailed plan to minimize the disruption the project will cause. With the help of your contractor, though, you can create a detailed plan for your kitchen renovation that will ensure the work is performed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Read the latest home décor magazines for design ideas, textures, colours and technology. In Singapore factor in the humidity and whether wallpaper, wood flooring or carpets work. Also, find out what furnishings and fixtures are available locally.

What style do you want? Classic, minimalist, retro, art décor? Will it flow with the rest of your home’s décor? Will it juxtapose in a surprisingly attractive way?

1. Draw sketches of how you want the finished kitchen to look. Make sure to indicate any major additions clearly, such as an island in the kitchen’s centre. Identify any appliances you want to replace, and supply your contractor with pictures of cabinets that match the style you have in mind.

2. Include specific dimensions as part of your remodelling plan. Measure the overall size of your kitchen, as well as each of its constituent parts (counter space, floor space, the space occupied by appliances and the space occupied by cabinets). This will be of great aid to you or your contractor as you move forward in your planning.

3. Read up on newer products that offer more durability and style. For example, granite countertops are largely disappearing in favour of stronger and more stylish Silestone quartz. Old style zinc tops and concrete tops are making a come back. Wooden or vinyl flooring is the in thing, as are light-coloured cabinets, which can lend a bright and airy look to your kitchen.

4. Replace worn-out appliances with new ones that have a matching finish. Certain colours and styles are timeless and will meld nicely with just about any design motif, present or future, that you might wish to implement. Stainless steel and enamel finishings are popular.

5. Think in triangles. The sink, fridge and stove form a design triangle that will be the basis of any professional kitchen renovation project since they are the three most frequently used kitchen areas. Plan everything else around these three units.

6. Allow ample room for seating if you’re planning an eat-in kitchen or wish to add a few stools for informal lounging around a kitchen counter or island area. Remember to prioritise a kitchen’s functionality above all else. If seating is just going to get in the way, save it for the dining room.

7. Choose neutral colours for your cabinets if you’re going to deviate from the woodgrain finishes that are common in kitchens. In the event that you want to perform later renovations, neutral colours will prevent you from having to refinish your cabinets to match new additions.

Choose the right countertops


Natural stone style countertops are, by far, the most durable of choices. Specifically, granite is resistant to scratching and heat and leads the pack for architects counter of choice. Quartz counters are also very durable due to their non-porous nature but they are not as scratch or heat resistant as granite.

2. Bacteria resistance

Quartz, as pointed out earlier, is non-porous. For this fact, quartz counters are more bacteria resistant and maybe a good choice for homes where health is a top priority in counter choices. Corian is also a good choice for bacteria resistance. Though Corian counters are susceptible to surface damage, they are easy to refurbish due to having the same pattern all the way through the depth of the piece.

3. Price

Natural stone counter surfaces are costly upfront but due to their durability and beauty, they will not only last longer and hold less risk of costly upkeep, they also add equity value in your home. If short term cost is your concern, a nicely made Formica counter may be worth considering. Aim for counters with built-in backsplashes as two-piece units often have issues earlier on due to moisture getting between the joints. Another choice would be to construct your own concrete countertop. They are terribly heavy, of course, so you will need a lot of manual labour help and really well-constructed counters.

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