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Ever miss the bubbly, ever-energetic tropical life during your vacations to equatorial countries? Bring this liveliness to your home by designing your place like one!

With a tropical design home, you can feel as if you are in the tropics, not only is it relaxing and cosy, but a summer home is heart-warming and refreshing too. Some specially chosen furniture, lighting, colours and natural waterscapes can easily change your typical home to a place something that seems to bring you closer to the lovely side of Mother Nature!

One of the main features in tropical designs is vivid, vibrant vegetation. Thus, select green plants with irregularly shaped leaves or even bamboos as part of the décor to make bring the place look realistically like natural wildlife. Some examples of plants to use include: grass, broadleaf ferns and bougainvillaea. These plants can be grown in your backyard or your container garden.

Another distinctive element of tropical homes is to have a colour combination of bright and natural colours, like browns with white or green with ivory to achieve an ambience that is warm and hospitable. Other colours that are recommended include light gold, yellow, sky blue, beige tan and coral pink.

In terms of furniture, wooden tables and chairs can be used to enhance the ambience too. Whilst rattan-like furniture gives a feeling like you are in tropical resorts, treated mulch and natural coloured wood chips can create such effects too. Do not neglect your spacious and beautiful balcony, a simple wooden coffee table with a few chairs or even beach chairs will make the outdoor area of your home super comfortable and relaxing, just like having a vacation in Asia equatorial countries.

If space permits, be it indoors or outdoors, items like dirt pathways, smooth pebbles, crushed stones or gravel. Alternatively, decors like waterfalls can be placed at corners of your living room or balconies to add some ‘life’ to your home. Meanwhile, while trying to make your house just like a typical tropical area with the various materials and items, think out of the box and incorporate your favourite designs to customize according to your own preferences!

Other than just the furniture, a tropical home will not feel like one if there are no ornaments like seashells, corals, starfish, palm trees or printed designs like leopard and zebras. Or, you may want to have ornaments that take the shape of like wave splashes and sunny beaches to enhance the tropical ambience.

Whether or not the area looks distant or cosy is very much dependent on the lightings. In order to achieve the warmth experienced in the tropics, lights that are yellowish or orangey will be a perfect choice.

Making a choice on the theme for your house is something that leaves you spoiled for choices. Nonetheless, some creative and detailed planning is essential to turn your house like a tropical resort. Before starting the makeover, visualise the ideas you have already determined in your mind, ranging from the colours, lightings, ornaments and of course, the furniture.

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