From freezer to fridge in just one touch – Teka’s Cold Line

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Minimum consumption, highly accurate and very easy to use ā€“ extremely important this time of the year when festive cooking reaches its zenith

It may be cold in many parts of the world this winter season, but having effective cold refrigeration and storage is a big part of life this time of the year with lavish parties, festive eating and lots of cooking just round the corner.

Teka’s Cold Line is perfect for storing produce and ingredients for that big day of cooking, as well as for keeping all those leftovers in effective, intelligent cold storage. All these pointers ensure eco-usage and environmentally optimisation of food for a stress-free, well-managed get-together.

Teka’s range of refrigeration and cold storage options not only function with high technology, but also look stylish and elegant that will have your party guests in awe. No matter where your main function is held people always gravitate to your kitchen space and this is why you can be proud of how your Teka Cold Line looks. Some kitchens are so special that moments become unforgettable memories.

Connect with your kitchen through design

Teka’s refrigeration technology combines with good design. The remarkable French Door design adds to the elegance of your Cold Line while taking care of all the details including a touch control display with white LED illumination, the perfect combination with the unique and exclusive black glass finish.

LongLife No Frost

One of the greatest stress factors of catering for parties is hygiene and food storage. LongLife No Frost technology keeps every compartment at the perfect moisture level thanks to the three independent cooling circuits so your food remains fresh for longer.

Gourmet Box

Your food remains fresh for longer at the perfect temperature with the latest technology of the 0-degree celsius box. Storing a turkey or marinated meats or your desserts? Gourmet Box, a soft close telescopic drawer, allows you to choose the right temperature between -2 and 3 degrees C through a touch display at the top so that safety and food hygiene are top on the list.

IonClean Technology

Who wants a smelly kitchen when you’re entertaining? IonClean technology creates negative ions that neutralise bacteria and bad smell particles. Air inside the fridge will always be fresh and free of odours.

From freezer to fridge in just one touch

Cooking food safely means being in control of the temperature of your food in the refrigerator and knowing when to defrost for prep work. With Teka’s intelligent Cold Line there is room enough to keep food cold or even freeze it, thanks to the compartment with adjustable temperature: from cold to frozen. You can set the temperature you want to from -18 degrees C to 7 degrees C and be in complete control of your food and appliance.

Just on Touch away from your refreshing drink

Partygoers are always up for a drink. It’s even more convenient without affecting your refrigeration temperature and the hygiene of your food with constant opening and closing of the refrigerator door. Take drinks without opening the door with just one touch. Easy access to a special compartment for drinks avoiding open the whole refrigerator. The BarOnDoor goes beyond an intelligent design, thereby saving energy.

An example of Teka’s Cold Line success is the Maestro range in sleek finish of black, stainless steel or minimalist glass white comes in various sizes to fit with the interior design of your kitchen or dining area.

As they say ā€“ Almost everything that matters to us happens in the kitchen. And this is even more so at this time of the year when entertaining and celebration bring out our best memories.

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