The Art of Perfumes

Perfumes can entice your charm and bring out your personality!


Floral perfumes indicate that the user is jovial, flirty, romantic, spontaneous and adventurous. You are someone who is always in the limelight, full of confidence and feminism. Depending on your age, young girls suit lighter floral scents better.


Customised for ladies who are unpretentious and practical, woody fragrances can be light-scented or strong-scented. For someone who is modern, free-spirited and assured, women who wear woody perfumes are absolutely clear of what they want. Although others may find them stubborn like a Taurus, these ladies are warm, affectionate and compassionate. Unique as they are, these are terrific friends that are hard to come by. Woody perfumes usually consist of oak moss, musk and bergamot and dry woods that spur the ladies’ seductiveness.


Commonly worn on nights out make, oriental perfumes are musky and heavy with notes of spice, and vanilla. Such warm and opulent perfumes make an ideal choice for women who are: sophisticated, bold, powerful, passionate, sexy and sensual. Such exotic perfumes belong to women who are idiosyncratic.


A combination of floral and fruity fragrances of the modern era, green perfumes are liquid scents that are produced from natural plant oils, tea leaves or marine plants. A symbolism of cool and sportiness, this type of perfume is quintessential for women who are not overly girly but prefer a strongly scented perfume.


If you’re especially attracted to zestful scents like lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, your perfume personality will be citrus. Being a dynamic individual who is fun-loving, you are also well-equipped with a sense of humour.


A considerably new scent as compared to the rest, oceanic perfumes only came about in 1991. Ladies in this group are youthful, easy-going, active and exuberant. As nature lovers who bear great fondness of the sea, oceanic scents are made from ingredients that emit such fragrance. Light and refreshing, this is like scent after a rainstorm.

Apart from the stylish aspects, perfumes aid you in relaxation, enliven your moods and emotions. If your perfume contains substances like sandalwood, ginger or rose, you can expect uplift in your ability to concentrate together with a stronger immune system. Other ingredients like eucalyptus and citronella calm your mind while lavender and bergamot reduce anxiety and tension.

TIP:Test the perfumes individually for any allergy reactions such as skin irritation, breathing difficulties, sinus and wheezing before purchasing. Take your time to choose your favourite

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