Bad Mood Busters

Having a bad day at work? Feeling cranky? Is it one of those days when nothing seems to go right or perhaps you got up on the wrong side of the bed? You might be feeling ratty and snappy at everything that is happening around you. Guess what, the real victims are actually your colleagues who have done nothing wrong but tolerated your nonsense all day. Avoid the awkward atmosphere that all of you have to face the next day in the office despite your relatively elevated mood and ward off that unpleasant feeling; follow these steps!

Eat lunch alfresco

Eating lunch in an open area keeps your mind open too. Head out with your colleagues for a nice lunch and chat along the way instead of keeping quiet. Eating outdoors rather than at your desk or in an enclosed area has also proven to give your mood a sufficient lift. Also, since sitting in an office at a desk more than six hours a day can prove to be taxing and mentally tiring, eating out can mean absorbing that extra bit of vitamin D boosts serotonin levels and puts us in a happier mood.

Avoid emotional vampires

Stay away from the people who tend to make you upset in the workplace. These are the ones who basically drain your batteries and slow you down, whether literally or figuratively. They also put you down, criticise you (and not constructively at that); it sucks the positive right out of your skull. Discard the negative feelings that you are currently exposing yourself to, since it is not possible to dispel the root of the cause. Be happy and optimistic (but not overly so) and hang out with your personal cheerleaders at work.

‘Do’ things, not ‘try’

To begin acting like happy and optimistic people, you need to learn what they do. Optimistic people act and talk in certain ways.

For example, they use certain words. The words people use can affect their moods and energy levels. Changing your words can actually change your attitude and feelings.

Use ‘upbeat’ words, instead of ‘upset’ words. For example, you can say, ‘I feel overwhelmed’ which is upsetting. Or, you can say, “I feel challenged… nevertheless I can do it” which is upbeat. One of the most interesting differences between happy and unhappy people is that happy people never or rarely use the word ‘try’ or ‘but.’ These two words leave people feeling hopeless and not in-control of their lives. Happy people feel hopeful, and take tons of responsibility for their lives. The words ‘try’ and ‘but’ are just excuses and unhappy people having a bad case of ‘excuse-it is’.

Go on YouTube

Hit up “puppies” or “kittens” into the search engine and be prepared to go ‘aww’ at these little furry animals. Bad mood? What’s that?

Do what you really want to do

The best way to start your day and jump out of bed with an enthusiastic mood is to find your passion. Find out what thrills you and you’ll find boundless new energy to jump out of bed and start the day with a great mood. People who have no energy in the morning or even during the day are really lost souls. They do not have a real reason to get out of bed each day. Finding your passion or what thrills you in life can turn you on each day, light your fire and boost your mood. Anyone can become more upbeat and optimist. When people use these techniques, they invariably feel a heavy burdens lift off their shoulders. They feel positive, upbeat, and confident.

You only need a few minutes to put these tips into action. They can be your key to enhanced life including your health, wealth, and career success.

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