Bally Graphic by Nature

For Spring/Summer 2020, Bally’s Graphic by Nature collection explores the continual interaction between design and the environment. Here, quality meets clean lines, giving way to a sense of ease and elegance, and a color palette inspired by the natural world recalls the sunrise and sunset with innovative dégradé treatments.

Unexpected pop art references and archival graphics are reinterpreted, honoring Bally’s heritage of design. As an architect of leather, a legacy of craftsmanship comes through meticulously constructed footwear, accessories and outerwear.

In the campaign, photographer Zoë Ghertner captures models Conie Vallese and Clément Chabernaud against a natural, pristine backdrop in the Swiss Alps, with styling by Francesca Burns. Alongside Joaquin Laguinge’s product stills and director Errol Rainey’s short film, the S/S 2020 narrative further evolves, celebrating timelessness over the transient.

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