Celebrations in the Auspicious Colours of Gold

Poh Seng Jewellers’ Special 80th Anniversary Gold Giveaway

As Poh Seng Jewellers celebrates its 80th anniversary, it wants to thank its customers both loyal and new for their support since 1939, by giving out special gifts that are of value and timeless.

For a minimum spend of $800 on any of their product(s), Poh Seng Jewellers is giving out limited edition pure gold bars / pure gold red packets.

The promotion is valid across all categories of items being sold, so you do not need to worry about having to choose from only selected product types! This means whether you are getting a gold ornament, a pearl earring, an unheated blue sapphire ring, jade pendant or even just a loose diamond/gemstone, you are eligible for the promotion!

On top of that, there are different designs available for the free gifts beyond what is shown in the pictures, so do collect them all!

Offer is valid while stocks last!

Gold is Everlasting

Whether you are buying gold for yourself or someone special, it is always a delightful experience. Gold is a precious metal that retains its value. It is also durable and will last indefinitely with proper care. The price of gold varies greatly, depending on weight, purity and where you make your purchase. Because your gold purchase is an investment that lasts a lifetime, research your jewellery and buy wisely.

The Colour of Gold

Gold in Singapore typically comes in 999 (99.9% gold), 916 (91.6% gold) or 750 (75% gold). Gold bars come in 999.9% purity. 999 and 916 are yellow in colour while 750 can be in yellow/white/rose colour.

Understanding Gold Purity During a Purchase

What Gold Purity Level is ideal for you? Gold bars of 999.9% purity are the most valuable, followed by 999 gold. 999 gold is soft and has a greater golden-yellowish tone compared to 916 and 750.

Please check the markings on the gold ornaments to confirm the purity of gold that you are looking for before purchasing. Last but definitely not least, do buy from a reputable jewellery dealer!

Store Your Gold Properly

Gold jewellery easily gathers dust, especially pieces with a lot of carvings and crevices. If you aren’t wearing the jewellery on a daily basis, keep it in a small jewellery box separate from other jewellery pieces that might cause scratching on contact.

About Poh Seng Jewellers

Poh Seng Jewellers Pte Ltd, established since 1939, is a retailer and wholesaler of fine gems, gold and jade. As a third generation family-run business, it is dedicated to providing its customers, not only with the finest jewellery and expert knowledge of the industry, but also an after-sales service that has kept customers loyal through the years.

In addition to retailing gold and jewellery, it provides a range of services such as customisation of gold/jewellery, restoration, resizing and engraving, amongst others.

With a proud tradition of delivering jewellery of exceptional beauty, quality and class, Poh Seng Jewellers prides itself on offering only the finest collections.

Its diversified portfolio includes 999 (24K), 916 (22K) and 750 (18K) white/rose/yellow gold, platinum, as well as diamonds, precious stones, gems, jade and pearls, all adhering to the highest quality benchmarks.

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