The Vibrant Colours of Nature

Sustainability, meditation and health are topics on people’s minds these days. What better way to capture these themes than to wear jewellery and precious gems that inspire nature at her glorious best.


Slow down and take time to smell the roses, and your physical and mental health will improve. The beautiful colours of flowers in all shapes and sizes have inspired poets and people who seek joy and mental wellbeing in life.

Roses in red – Ruby, Red Sapphire, Garnet

Roses have been a symbol of beauty and love for centuries. Its essential oil is among the most expensive in the world, imparting calmness and meditation.

Ruby is a classic gemstone that adorns jewellery for drama and statement. Its red hues ranging from purple-red to orange-red to rich, full red known as “pigeon blood red”. Other gems in red include red sapphire and red garnet.

Lotus in pink – Pink Diamond, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire, Morganite, Rose Quartz

Many Asian religions esteem the lotus as a symbol of purity and spiritual strength.
Its beautiful pink petals mirror the gemstones from pastel pink of morganite and precious pink diamonds to the rich tones of tourmaline. Pink gems soften the look and brightens your skin tone when the drama of red needs to be toned down to suit your mood and attire.

Lavender in purple – Purple Amethyst, Purple Jasper, Purple Jade, Purple Lolite

Often seen as a colour for royalty, purple enhances imagination, creativity and courage. From the light purple of jade to the mysterious depths of lolite, purple in your jewellery attracts attention in ways nobody can explain. People are drawn to its spiritual energy. Depending on your skin tone try various shades of purple in jewellery to see which suit you best.

Gardenia in white – Diamond, Moonstone, White Opal

White is the light of the sun and the moon. Its strength and beauty lie in its simplicity and minimalism. White (gold) jewellery goes well with anything. Studded diamond earrings can transform your look in a second from casual chic to elegant class. Colourless gemstones can combine with other-coloured gems in artistic ways ­­– just like how On Cheong Jewellery showcased jewellery that depict the liveliness of insects, birds and nature abstracts.

Fruit and Herbs

Nothing is more packed with healthy vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants than fruits. In TCM, fruit restores the balance of your ‘qi’ (energy source) and harmonises yin and yang.

Apple in green – Jade

In China, apple green jade symbolises wealth, good fortune, friendship and loyalty. The tenacity of jade ensures quality. Translucency is one of the important factors in grading jade. Jade with perfect translucency and even distribution of the translucent property is the rarest, and making it the most valuable aspect of the jade. An apple jade pendant against your silk black top is set to turn heads.

Blackberries in Black – Jasper, Agate, Onyx, Obsidian, Pearl

Sometimes non-colour is the way to go if you want your outfit and “YOU” to stand out. At the same time, highlight the contrast of white against the black or vice versa will make you look great for evening events such as cocktails or galas. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. As for true black Tahitian pearl is extremely rare, and largely considered one of the most beautiful kinds of pearls in the world. A wild pearl will be worth more than a cultured pearl.

Lemon in yellow – Citrine, Yellow Diamond

Lemon exudes joy and happiness. Its scent energises and restores. Citrine gemstone ranges from lemon yellow to orange yellow. It is affordable and popular especially among the trendy youth. If you need to perk up your day at the office, wear yellow citrine and think of lemons, margaritas and holiday sunshine.

Lush, Green forests and Plants

Breathing in the nature’s scents, taking a walk surrounded by plants and trees can be healing.

Leaves in Deep Green – Emerald, Jade

Precious emeralds symbolises nature, eternal youth, rebirth and love, have been highly revered since ancient times. Its sparkling green depths call to mind the beauty of nature and the heralding of springtime. Most emeralds contain “garden” of inclusions which are expected characteristics. It is rare to find an emerald that does not have inclusions.

Bamboo in Ochre – Amber, Tiger Eye, Cats eye

Tiger Eye and Cats Eye radiate a streak of shimmer like an eye against the brown orange backdrop. This effect is known as chatoyance (which comes from the French word ‘to shine like a cat’s eye’). While many gems and minerals may possess chatoyance, however natural good-quality cats eye are chrysoberyl gems which come high priced. Just like bamboo revered in Japanese mythology for strength, Tiger Eye and Cats Eye inspire success, protection and good health.

The Sea and the Sky

Blue Diamond is quite rare and each is unique in terms of hue, clarity, carat weight and value.  It has the ability to always capture world’s attention without fail.

Sapphire – After the blue diamond the sapphire is the most precious and valued blue gemstone. The ancient Persians believed the sky is blue because of the reflection off sapphires.

Aquamarine – The name means seawater, and this bright pastel blue stone conjures up images of shimmering seas that you cannot wait to dive into. Have aquamarine jewellery as a gift to a good friend as it symbolises harmony and trusty friendship.

The main things to know when selecting jewellery and gemstones are:


Colour is affected by impurities and cloudiness. The more vivid and pure the colour, the better the quality.


As graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) there are 11 clarity grades ranging from flawless (FL) to Imperfect (I).


This is a unit of weight. A carat weighs 0.2 grams. Five carats weigh 1 gram.


A gem like diamond that is well-cut reflects as much light as possible which we call it as brilliance, sparkle or natural fire. A poorly cut gemstone can have profound effect on the luster, colour and brilliance quality.

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