When Fashion Makes Your Wealth

One’s fashion makes his wealth’, this bold statement is a key to prosperity.

Of the four ‘P’s of marketing, packaging, is an extremely valuable tool that allows a product to outshine itself from its competitors.

The same applies to an individual. How he or she wants others to look upon him is heavily dependent on the individual’s dress code, as well as how they carry themselves.

The result: an individual’s image becomes the unique brand positioning of both that person and the corporate brand they represent.

This allows an individual to create an indelible impression of them on the minds of their targets. Likewise, this also helps their targets to block out their competitors in mind’s eye.

Vice-versa, a sloppy and untidy person is associated with unpleasant negativity.

Besides, it is easier to attract the attention of like-minded individuals when you dress well – you are effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Selecting Successful Clothes

To dress for success require an individual to pay attention to their personality, and how they want others to see them.

This is achievable either by engaging an image consultant, or by going through the pages of fashion magazines to see what is trending in the world of fashion. It is also wise to invest in clothing that you are likely to wear on most occasions.

Forget about selecting comfortable clothes – people tend to look plain in them. Moreover, comfortable clothes may not be relevant to a successful environment. Go for styles that are sleek and clean with simple lines that would flatter you.

For the women who desire to strive for success, it is important to understand and appreciate your body shape. This would allow you to select the appropriate set of clothes that would accentuate your best features. By learning to appreciate your body shape, you are also providing yourself with confidence.

Selecting Successful Clothes for Women

For the women, it is important that she appears both serious and approachable; as she is, perceive to be capable and caring. Her wardrobe should reflect these positive traits.

  • Blouses

Silk blouses in white, off-white, light blue and beige are the preferred. Blouses with lapels project both authority and competence. Blouses should not also be sleeveless, if intended to be part of a professional dress code. It is important to take into account the possibility of a slip that exposes the lingerie.

  • Trousers and Skirts

Trousers, should at all times, completely cover the ankles. They should also touch the top of the shoes, without a break that exposes the ankles.

As for skirts, either select a navy blue or black pair with an A-line cut that touches the kneecap.

  • Colour

Colour, plays an instrumental role in luring success. Light shades of grey and navy blue work well. These colours are representations of power, authority, leadership, and loyalty.

  • Shoes And Accessories

Functional shoes, like flats, pumps, and alligator heels, help to enhance a woman’s professional appearance. Do not go for stylish or flashy shoes. Sad to say, simple shoes are the best.

Women with a smaller built can choose to wear a pair of three-inch heels. Always keep shoes clean and polished for a sharper appearance.

For belts, choose a thin one that has a simple design. The same goes for the bag carried, and eyeglass worn (if applicable). Jewellery is not a necessity and does no justice to the professional dress code.

Selecting Successful Clothes For Men

For the gentlemen, selecting successful clothes is a piece of cake. Since yesteryear, the male executive’s clothing is kept smart and simple. A tailored suit is the preferred, especially for company directors.

  • Shirts And Suits

Always wear a cold white, long-sleeved shirt with cufflinks. Do not wear ties with flamboyant designs. As long as you stick to the executive dress code, success should come your way. Suits are a bonus when it comes to projecting a refined feel that belongs to the well learned and respected.

  • Colour

Choose either a dark blue, grey, or charcoal coloured suit or pants. These colours project the masculine spirit of loyalty, determination, reliability, courage, wisdom, and strength – which is what the corporate world is looking at.

  • Hair And Shoes

Always maintain a well-groomed appearance for attracting wanted attention. Hair should be cut and styled neat, and beard and moustache shaved. What’s more: if the corporate director were a woman, she would be pleased to be striking a business deal with a charismatic and charming looking man.

High quality, laced-up shoes are good. Always keep them clean and shiny.

  • Aura

To look exquisite, it is also wise to adjust your attitude to exude confidence, determination, and focus. This would set an individual a foot apart from their brothers.

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