Heels – Break That Fall

Easy tips on how you can walk confidently and comfortably in heels.

Heels are both a woman’s best friend and enemy.

Sexy and stylish, they are the epitome of femininity. Besides, the majority prefer to be in a pair heels. Heels also create an aura of invincible sophistication, providing a woman with absolute sex appeal, and confidence. Vice-versa, they can also make a woman appear taller, and trim, they prove to be an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe.

The only drawback is heels are uncomfortable to wear. This makes walking a bane. What is worse: they can also get very inconvenient for the wearer, tripping over those tall shoes is unavoidable.

To fight the trip, here are a handful of tips how you can walk effortlessly in those painful, tall shoes.

Selecting Your Heels:

Start by carefully selecting your heels. Comfort should be your priority. Your heels should have an even, smooth finishing on its inside. It should also be light in weight while its heel is stable and sturdy.

1. Select a pair of high quality leather heels if you aim to walk in them the whole day. If you fancy wearing strapped heels, go for a pair that has minimal straps to avoid them biting your skin.

After making purchase for your new pair of heels, practice walking in it in the comfort of your home. This would provide you with a good feel of your shoe.

2. Do not go for a pair of heels that is made of PVC or plastic. These materials can cut the surface of your skin and cause angry, painful blisters to appear. A good pair of heels should not cause painful blisters to appear as you walk.

3. For women who have not worn heels in ages, start with a pair of two-inch heels. Until you are familiar with how you should walk in them, go for that desired three or four-inch heel.

Strutting Effortlessly in Heels:

  • Have a feel of your inner-balance when you slowly stand up tall after gently sliding your foot into your heels.
  • When you walk, walk straight and tall to look elegant and confident. Be confident of your newfound height. Do not worry about falling on all fours, since worry does no good. Also, do not take large steps; this will cause you to trip and fall. Take small, dainty steps as though you are walking on a tightrope.
  • By now, you would have realised that your hips are the first to move as you walk. Do not clench both your hind and rear muscles to prevent your hip from moving. This would cause you to fall and land on your back.
  • Keep your toes clenched when you walk. Also, bear in mind that you have to transfer your body weight from the ball of your foot to your heel.

Walking on Different Types of Surfaces:

It is important to know how to walk on the different types of surfaces. This would prevent you from tripping and falling. Also, avoid walking on cobblestone streets, pavements, and or roads.

To avoid your heels from being stuck between pavement grids, exercise caution by walking on the base of your feet. Take note that the thinner your heels, the more caution you should exercise to avoid any form of embarrassment.

On Escalators and Staircases

Steps and staircases present their own challenges. If you are ascending on a flight of steps, shift your body weight to the toes and balls of your feet. Vice-versa, if you are descending a flight of stairs, slants your foot sideways to ensure enough surface footing. Always hold onto the railing for support in case you need to break that nasty fall.

On Smooth Surfaces

Exercise caution when walking on smooth surfaces like polished marble. Walk slowly. Do not rush your steps, even if you are late for an appointment.

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