Loro Piana, The Holiday Season

If you are looking for a good travel companion to keep you warm and cozy, Loro Piana has got you covered!

Loro Piana ensues a subtle balance of pure shapes, voluptuous textures and dense hues in their pieces that are well-suited for your holiday dressings.

With its exceptionally made quality pieces that are comfortable yet made for travel, their cashmere scarfs and pullovers would be a great travel companion that will provide you with the warmth you need in the colder climates. Enhanced with Loro Piana’s revolutionary Storm System treatment, this makes superlative fabrics completely waterproof and wind-resistant, without affecting the softness, warmth and comfort of the natural fibre – making it well-suited for your winter travel needs. One of the world’s finest raw materials, Loro Piana’s Cashmere is known for its superlative softness, lightness and warmth. The outer coat that shields against rain, sun, and dust, and beneath is a soft under fleece which acts as a layer of insulation – this is the most precious part of the fleece, known a cashmere. When it comes to travelling, we think of bringing along pieces that are both light yet having the ability to keep us warm in winter countries and without a doubt, the pieces from Loro Piana fits the deal just perfect.

A wintery touch from quilting is also given to provide further depth to the play of textures – creating graphic rhythm or an organic flow, while the stripes in the pieces add élan. Every piece in this collection brings out the best materials and design that is sure to let the wearer shine through the festivities!

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