The Beauty of European Design in Jewellery

Hope and strength have always been the quest throughout history. The latin phrase for Cerca Trova means: Seek and You Shall Find or You will find it if you search for it.

These words are seen on the inscription of artist Giorgio Vasari’s fresco “The Battle of Marciano” and in Dan Brown’s novel Inferno. Dante’s verses are rich in these phrases.

Cerca Trova invokes powerful imagery of strength, the battle for good over evil, the reward you receive for seeking beauty and goodness. It is reward for your strength in continuing your quest and persevering through challenging times. In design it reflects a bold European prestige and symbolism.

Wearing jewellery that carries the message of Cerca Trova means quality of the gems and workmanship, and the undeniable symbol of strength and perseverance in the ornamentation and the story it tells.

European Design

Wearing jewellery in European design is like wearing art. Spanning centuries of sculpture, art and architecture, jewellery craftsman are inspired by the renaissance and history as well as modern contemporary European looks. From the cities of Paris to Amsterdam to Rome to Berlin to Geneva, both traditional and revolutionary creations influence the gems and metal work in rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

European design and craftsmanship is coveted and in demand – it cannot be taught instantly but has to be garnered over time, a lifetime of practice.

Beauty in the Detail

The New Cerca Trova Collection from Poh Seng Jewellers sees intricate stone setting techniques and precious metal rendering. Flowers and animals and myths come to life, pearls shine with everlasting luminance. The pendant or precious display piece called Nature’s Perch consisting of a gemstone-adorned bird nesting in a diamond-studded open cage with red flowers is an excellent composition of precious stones and metal filligree in European sensibilities.

There are both flamboyant pieces that make a dramatic statement like the Rising Phoenix in diamonds and gold, and contemporary minimalist styles that shine the spotlight on understated elegance such as the Golden Feather in white gold studded with diamonds.

A simple story awaits in each and every quality piece of jewellery, that is relevant as both gift for someone and treasure for yourself.

If you seek it you will find it.

How to take care of your European Design Jewellery

As many pieces have intricate facets, filligree, cuts and patterns, make sure you clean them well and avoid harsh perfume, nail polish remover and other chemicals while wearing them:

Coloured gems – Sweat and chemicals affect the integrity of precious stones. It is so easy to forget to wipe your jewellery after wearing, but this is a very important step, especially for the pieces that feature coloured gemstones. Thoroughly clean the piece with a soft, slightly damp cloth or tissue. This simple step ensures the longevity of your precious jewellery.

Diamonds – While pavé-set diamonds like classic chain bracelets are absolutely wearable and extremely well-made, special care should be taken when handling. Always store them separately from other pieces, including other diamonds, to avoid scratching.

Pearls ­– Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after wearing. Put your jewellery on last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can dull and discolour the stones and metal. Remember to store your jewellery pieces separately, in a jewellery box avoid scratching.

Crafted to Perfection

Established since 1939, Poh Seng Jewellers offer design customisation to craft exclusive and timeless pieces. With an in-house team of talented artisans, pioneering craftsmanship and innovative designs, they create jewellery masterpieces that are crafted to perfection. They also provide jewellery restoration and resizing services amongst others so that you can continue to enjoy your treasured jewellery pieces generation after generation.

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