Psalm 91 Diamond Cross

If you’re looking for a charming pendant that not only functions as a jewellery piece but also holds a special meaning, then Poh Seng Jewellers’ latest ‘Psalm 91 Diamond Cross’ is the perfect piece.

This exquisite piece features a patented design like no other.

Some might also know that the term “Psalms” also refers to the Book of Psalms present in the Hebrew and Christian Bible – which is essentially a collection of 150 chapters of praise and reflection; and so this pendant might hold an extra special meaning for them.

Both believers and non-believers of Christianity have been charmed by this unique piece which is unlike designs out there in the market. Decorative and timeless, this pendant is not just a cross but holds a special symbolism too.

About the Diamond Cross

A slim cross with a pair of magnificent gold wings is fitted into the pendant that holds a diamond as well.

Each cross has a specially selected 7 pointers Ideal Cut diamond (Hearts & Arrows) sitting near the top of the cross which illuminates the rest of this fine jewellery piece. The number 7 has special meaning, signifying perfection and completion.

On the cross below the diamond bears a shield which has “Psalm 91” engraved on it – which is the name of the collection, representing a testimony of promises, blessings and protection.

The cross and shield allude to protection and holy strength in religion. Presenting the gift of cross and shield is a blessing of mental strength, protection and victory. It is also a gift of hope and bravery.

The wings are associated with angels and provide a form of guidance and added protection.

However, this piece is not just about religious references.

An ideal gift for that someone special, this piece of jewellery is not only a fashion statement but communicates a message of love and blessing as well.

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