Wear a Stone and Attract Fortune

Gemstones are not only beautiful but are believed to harness their own beneficial powers

Gemstones and their lucky charm for your New Year

Classic Beauty

Diamond – Always desired and always precious. It is one of the hardest substances on earth. Colours range from crystal clear to baby blue to pink to yellow. What matters is its fiery lustre, colour, cut and clarity.

Lucky powers: It is the symbol of love, wisdom and victory.

Emerald – Its sparkling green depths call to mind the beauty of nature and the heralding of springtime. It is one of the rarest and most expensive gems in existence.

Lucky powers: Eternal youth, aids fertility, symbol of rebirth and love.

Ruby – Every royal crown is adorned with rubies, which are prized possessions of emperors, kings, queens and princesses. The red tones range from purple-red to orange-red to rich, full red known as “pigeon blood red”.

Lucky powers: Good fortune, passion, emotional strength, courage.

Pearl – Worshipped since ancient mythology as Tears of the Gods, the ancient Chinese believed that only the moon had the power to create these natural beauties. It is the only gemstone created by a living creature, the oyster. Natural pearls found in the depths of the ocean are rare and priceless while cultured pearls are more accessible and range from vanilla ice cream in colour to rose to green to gold to grey to chocolate to black. The younger generation has developed a new-found love for pearls because of their connection with nature. A bracelet of pink and chocolate pearls looks ‘cool’ and sophisticated.

Lucky powers: Attracts wealth and good fortune, offers protection, balances karma.

Jade – Treasured in China since ancient times, jade was said to preserve the body after death. Each jade piece is unique because of the colour combinations, patterns and clarity. Jade is graded and the most sought after A Grade comes from the mines of Myanmar.

Lucky powers: Wealth and longevity, wards off evil, offers protection from harm and illness.

Sapphire – After the blue diamond, the sapphire is the most precious and valued blue gemstone. The ancient Persians believed the sky is blue because of the reflection off sapphires. The tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written were said to made of sapphire. Loved for its vivid, deep cornflower blue colour, hardness and lustre, a sapphire reflects a sheen of light that is known as ‘silk’.

Lucky powers: Protection against evil and curses, promotes inner peace, mental wellbeing.

Irresistible Charm

Alexandrite – A magical stone that changes colour with different light. In the daylight it is a blue-green beauty; in candlelight, it appears raspberry red.

Lucky powers: Enhances your intuition and confidence; fires up your creativity and imagination.

Aquamarine – The name means seawater, and this bright pastel blue stone conjures up images of shimmering seas that you cannot wait to dive into.

Lucky powers: Symbolises bonds between good friends and harmony between couples.

Citrine – French word for citrus or lemon, this gemstone ranges from lemon yellow to blood orange. It is affordable and popular, especially among the trendy youth.

Lucky powers: Success and good fortune.

Cats Eye – If you love cats, you’ll love the mysterious cats eye gemstone that looks like your cat is giving you a secret glance. From no matter which angle you look the gemstone always reflects a band of light that radiates like an eye. This effect is known as chatoyance (which comes from the French word ‘to shine like a cat’s eye’). While many gems and minerals possess chatoyance, natural good-quality cats eyes are chrysoberyl gems, and are very expensive.

Lucky powers: Third-eye intuition, success, protection, good health, positive feelings.

Garnet – A lovely, affordable gemstone that is made up of several different minerals and composites. The most common colour is dark red, which is a mixture of almandine and pyrope. The rare green is made of tsavorite and demantoid. Other garnet colours include pink, yellow, orange, purple, grey and black. If you have a colourful joy for life the garnet reflects your personality perfectly.

Lucky powers: Attracts wealth and abundance, self-empowerment, healing.

Amethyst – Purple beauty. Ranging from soft lilac to deep purple transparency, amethyst is a variety of quartz mineral that is very obtainable and inexpensive. Its Greek name means “amethystos” which means not drunken as it is said to protect its wearer against drunkenness. Good for parties and club nights.

Lucky powers: Psychic awareness, business smarts, intellect, connection to the divine, healing power for people, plants and animals.

Mix Them

You can mix many different gems in one jewellery setting. Sapphires with diamonds, amethysts with pearls. The combinations are boundless and exciting. What you need to do is start with good quality gemstones, good workmanship and jewellers you can trust.

Redesign your old jewellery or the ones grandma gave you

A friend was sufficiently impressed with On Cheong when she dropped by the outlet while picking up her bakkwa to recommend their customer service, which includes:

Redesigning – Talk to their in-house designers, and see what magic they can do to bring life to your jewellery. Consultation is free, appointment recommended.

Refurbishing and Restoration

Want your jewellery to look brand new again? Refurbishing includes indepth cleaning and helps remove fine scratches from jewellery through polishing, completed with finishing. (Additional rhodium plating for 750 white gold items).

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