Food Walk through Japan’s Beautiful Landscapes

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Travel company Walk Japan offers two new immersive walking tours which marry the best of gastronomy and the art of onsen

With its stunning vistas of volcanoes and mountains, Japan is the land of onsen – hot spring culture. The term onsen not only refers to the hot springs themselves but also to the surrounding traditional inns and bathing facilities.

Wouldn’t it be just sublime to ease your stress and muscles in a leisurely soak in a hot spring surrounded by nature’s tranquillity? What food do they serve at these beautiful onsen inns?

The majestic Gifu and Nagano prefectures and the picturesque Oita and Kumamoto prefectures, are the focus of the Onsen Gastronomy tour series inviting you to experience Japan’s healing hot springs, and savour authentic Japanese cuisine.

Onsen hot springs are found throughout the length and breadth of Japan, and are one of the country’s great attractions; a perennial favourite of both the Japanese locals and foreign travellers. Enjoyed over the millennia for their relaxing, curative and restorative powers, onsen were used in Buddhism, which first arrived in Japan in 552, for purification rites and, to this day, bathing in Japan remains a ritual, that is distinctly Japanese.

In flavour, quality of ingredients, range of dishes, health benefits, and sheer artistry of presentation, Japanese cuisine counts amongst the world’s best. In the Onsen Gastronomy series of tours Walk Japan features:

Onsen Gastronomy: Gifu and Nagano

This fully-guided tour visits central Gifu and western Nagano Prefectures in the geographic centre of Japan; a largely remote area of mountain ranges, deep valleys, high plateaus, remote villages and lovingly cared-for period towns. Journey into the mountainous countryside and discover the life and history of this secluded and beautiful district, as well as indulge in mouth watering local dishes and soothing onsen hot springs fuelled by sacred, dormant volcanoes.

Tour dates: 16 Oct – 20 Oct 2019

Price: JPY 298,000 (Japanese Yen)

Onsen Gastronomy: Oita & Kumamoto

Oita and the north-east corner of Kumamoto Prefectures nestle in the centre of Kyushu, an area of Japan renowned for its richly varied, beautiful rural landscapes. Leave the urban environment behind for delightful rural countryside, as you traverse from one onsen to the next, and savour the local food delicacies whilst staying in classic Japanese ryokan inns.

Tour dates: 12 Nov – 16 Nov 2019

Price: JPY 278,000 (Japanese Yen)

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