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VistaJet brings you the most expensive trips: What does a US$295,000-holiday for two in India get you?

Discover an Ancient Lost City | Colombia & The Caribbean Islands

Join a team of expert archaeologists, explorers and conservationists to helicopter over one of the most untouched and inaccessible areas in the world. Become the first to discover an ancient Colombian city lost for hundreds of years and join efforts to conserve the vital rainforest. Explore secret lagoons home to pink river dolphins. Discover pictograms hidden for a millennium, rappel down giant rock formations and explore underground cave systems. An exclusive trip designed for inquisitive explorers.

-Guests would be first people outside of research team to see the hidden city

-Helicopter over the rainforest, using high-spec LIDAR scanning technology to unveil a hidden city in the canopy beneath

-Led by author, producer and career conservation expert Jon Miceler, join the global Heritage Colombia effort to support the protected Serranía de Chiribiquete – a vibrant, biodiverse hotspot that has one of the highest rates of plant diversity in the northern Amazon

-Help prevent further destruction and secure the natural resources to protect forests, species and indigenous cultures

-Discover pictograms hidden for a millennium

-Relax in Cartagena and the Caribbean

Interests: Adventure, archaeology, history, exploration, cartography, wildlife, conservation

Price: from US$375,000* (based on a couple sharing)

The Great Maharajas | India

Experience India like no other as you are hosted by the Great Maharajas from palace to palace, resting overnight in the splendor of Taj Hotels’ properties throughout. Dizzying. Spiritual. Inimitable. From rich wildlife and sacrosanct sites, to swarming spice bazaars and crumbling fortresses, plunging ravines and misty mountains, you cannot simply skim the surface of India. Instead, dive right in with this VistaJet World trip.

-Joining the Maharajas in their palaces

-Discover the highlights of India at the highest levels of hospitality, staying at the Taj Hotels

-Gain exclusive access to the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort

-Bask in the splendour of the Taj Mahal and embark on a royal safari in the Ranthambore National Park

-Unwind at India’s most impressive wellness retreat, Vana Spa where VistaJet Members will receive bespoke benefits

Interests: India, wellness, culture, wildlife, retreats, palaces, Taj Hotels, Vana Spa, tiger safari

Price: from US$295,000* (based on a couple sharing)

Volcano Expedition | Vanuatu, South Pacific Ocean

Peer down over the edge of ‘The Son of Benbow’ at the fiercely churning, molten rock and capture some of the first ever footage inside the bubbling lava lake. Camp on the side of an active volcano with a team of experts. After conquering the volcanoes, relax on paradise islands with world-class diving, whilst learning the unique customs of the Ni-Vanuatu people.

-Abseil over the edge of an active volcano to photograph a bubbling lava lake

-An extreme expedition, camping on the edge of the volcano

-Immersive experiences with the local villages and the Ni-Vanuatu people

-World-class diving experiences and water sports in the surrounding areas

Interests: Extreme sports, adventure, volcanos, photography, culture, South Pacific, abseiling, immersive experiences, camping, diving, water-sports

Price: from US$275,000* (based on a couple sharing).

You Run Raffles Maldives

Price: US$1million: Available for four-night, five-day stays, this Special Programme lets you treat up to 70 lucky loved ones and friends to the all-inclusive service of Raffles, complete with Raffles Butlers, set amid the tropical oasis of Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

From Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean Sea, to Steven Spielberg’s islands in the Madeira Archipelago of Portugal, the allure of a private island is usually reserved for only the wealthiest of billionaires. But ownership and maintenance of island properties requires endless work and expenses, so why buy when one could simply rent one of the world’s most prestigious and stunning island resorts – Raffles Maldives Meradhoo on the pristine Gaafu Alifu Atoll. The rate also includes 5% charitable donation, split between the Maldives’ Marine Center and the Olive Ridley Project, an NGO that works to protect sea turtles

In addition to unprecedented privacy and with all manner of special privileges, Raffles will even throw in the use of an additional ‘deserted island’ that can be transformed into an epic celebration or adventure space.

Just an 80-minute boat ride from the equator, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo lies in one of the most remote and unblemished corners of the Maldives and its pristine beauty invariably awes all who visit. Available for four-night, five-day stays, You Run Raffles Maldives provides a generous host with the opportunity to treat up to 70 very lucky loved ones, friends and close associates to the all-inclusive, legendary service of Raffles, complete with Raffles Butlers, set amid the tropical oasis of Raffles Maldives Meradhoo.

After enjoying a private charter flight from the Maldivian capital Male or landing a private jet at Kooddoo airport (located in the resort’s atoll of Gaafu Alifu) via Gaan airport, the group will have full access to the resort’s two islands. The first island is a white-sand idyll where 21 vast villas reside among palm trees; while the second island is an overwater retreat where residences stand over gently lapping waters.

As part of the You Run Raffles Maldives, you and your guests will also have access to a nearby deserted island to enact whatever castaway fantasy they may wish. Whether transformed into a tropical playground; a thrilling sunset concert with a celebrity DJ; or serving as a serene escape for a romantic night time champagne-and-stargazing session guided by a personal astronomer, this bonus beach hideaway is a blank canvas that can be designed for the dream experience of a lifetime.

Adding another layer of indulgence, the culinary team at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo will create special menus and tailored dining experiences for guests visiting on this unprecedented package. You are invited to wine and dine whenever and wherever they wish, on a complimentary basis. Exclusive dining experiences may involve a supper of beef tenderloin with chimichurri at The Firepit, an elemental, tiki torch-lit barbecue restaurant where diners sit at sunken tables that have been carved from the sand, or superlative sushi and potent pisco sours at elegant Nikkei restaurant, Yuzu. For sundowners, parties can gather at the Long Bar for free-flowing Maldives Slings, an irresistible mix of gin, coconut, cinnamon and clove.

No island getaway would be complete without an incomparable spa experience. Raffles Spa will treat guests to Biologique Recherche facials, Aromatherapy Associates massages, and many more bespoke treatments. Guests are also free to enjoy endless water sports and unlimited use of the resort’s yacht Azimut. Dolphin-watching cruises, fishing or diving expeditions may be arranged, with cocktails and canapés waiting on board.

Sea-life lovers can also enjoy this region’s remarkable beauty under the guidance of their own Raffles Marine Butler, a unique concept in the Maldives. They will happily lead snorkelling excursions to the resort’s two vibrant house reefs, home to scores of fish species, from fluorescent parrotfish to handsome blacktip sharks and 22 gentle hawksbill turtles. The rate includes a 5% charitable donation, split between the Maldives’ Marine Center and the Olive Ridley Project, an NGO that works to protect sea turtles.

As a personal memento, guests will receive a range of personalised souvenirs including a customised robe, complete with the embroidered event name You Run Raffles Maldives, and custom epicurean treats created by the chefs for guests to take home, with each gift intended to serve as a treasured reminder of a holiday like no other.

Already recognised as one of the Indian Ocean’s preeminent properties, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo effortlessly maintains Raffles’ reputation for superlative service, exceptional dining and phenomenal beauty. Tel: +960 6828800 Email:

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