Treasures of Tioman

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Located on the central western shores of Malaysia, the island of Tioman provides the ideal getaway to enjoy nature’s beauty and gift.

The thought of leisurely days under the sun and swimming in its emerald waters might just tempt you enough to throw aside those books and briefcases long enough to pay a visit to one of the best island getaways in the world.

If observed from an aerial point of view, some would describe Tioman Island as having a dragon-like appearance. There is, in fact, a legend behind the shape of the island known to be one of the tourists hotspots in Southeast Asia. It has been said that a dragon princess from China was flying to her prince in Singapore and stopped to rest in the calm and clear waters of the South China Sea. Captivated by the beauty all around, she decided to forgo her journey and took the form of an island so she could be there forever. Legends and myths aside, tourists will also have a hard time saying goodbye to the island and its natural beauty, which happens to be its biggest attraction.

A trip to Tioman Island with the help of Berjaya Air will no longer mean having to sit through hours of boredom on the bus and ferry ā€“ the bus ride from Singapore takes approximately 4 hours while the journey to Tioman from the jetty via ferry takes about an hour or two, whereas flying to Tioman eats up about only 40 minutes of your time. Besides, the faster you get there, the faster you get to enjoy the breathtaking views of one of Malaysia’s finest islands.


Just like how Singapore has its little estates, Tioman is segregated into a couple of different areas. Tekek, being the main village, is where the airport, clinic and police station is situated. Tekek houses a number of tourists, as well as local, accommodations including the massive Berjaya Tioman Resort. If you plan to indulge yourself on the island of Tioman or happen to be picky when it comes to choosing your home away from home, then the Berjaya Tioman Resort would probably be your accommodation of choice. The rooms are air-conditioned and fully equipped with modern amenities. The resort also comprises of an outstanding 18-hole golf course that faces the South China Sea.

Paya Beach resort, in the Paya village of Tioman, ranks next to Berjaya Tioman Resort. Housing one of the only two spas on the island ā€“ the other being in Berjaya ā€“ the rooms are air-conditioned as well and also comes with up-to-date amenities. The lush interiors of the chalet might not be able to keep you indoors for long though as most of them are located right on the beachfront, where you can enjoy sunsets and if lucky enough, catch the amazing view of dolphins playing around out in the sea.

If you intend to be one with nature and the locals, the island also offers you the option of staying in chalets akin to kampong houses. The rooms usually come with a fan but the cool sea breeze makes up for the fact that there is no air-conditioning. Plus mosquito nets are provided if you are afraid of becoming a walking freak show of mosquito bites.

There is no lack of choices, though, when it comes to where you choose to stay during your trip to Tioman and wherever your 2nd home may be, there is so much to do and see on the island that you find yourself being outdoors practically the entire time.

Being a pretty small island, you might think that exploring Tioman would not take up that much time but there are so many amazing sights to take in so time will seem to have passed quickly during your adventure there. Most of those who travel to Tioman will not miss out on the snorkelling trips. The island’s clear blue waters play host to a wide variety of marine life and coral reefs. The small island of Renggis, for one, happens to be one of the hotspots for snorkelers. The first thing you will see when you immerse yourself is the breathtaking view of beautiful corals of different colours, shapes and sizes that seem to go on endlessly. You have to be careful, though, when you make your way down from the boat because a little misstep might mean stepping on a coral or even a sea urchin. If you wish to take things a step further, Tioman also offers diving trips and worry not about the equipment. There are shops scattered all over the island that rent out diving and snorkelling equipment. Almost all the resorts and chalets on the island offer such a service as well. You can guarantee yourself a good time and memories that will last you a lifetime, with the experienced locals taking you to places that offer the best underwater view of the island.

Land activities are not lacking there either. Rock climbing and jungle trekking, just to name a few, are popular onshore activities Tioman has in store for its tourists. You can attempt to climb to the top twin peaks of the island’s mountains if you live for thrilling adventures. The climb takes up to about five days and sleeping in hammocks or tents at dizzying heights is part of the deal. However, only a few climbers have managed to reach the top which is no wonder considering it is a pretty challenging site and international rock-climbing competitions have been hosted there. Beginners can also take part in climbing expeditions organized by local guides thus it would not matter if you have none or little experience in rock climbing. And because most of the rainforest here have remained untouched, those looking for a jaunt in the jungle can find it on the island. Tioman is home to quite a range of flora and fauna so keep your eyes peeled when trekking, and if you start to get sweaty and sticky, there are waterfalls in the jungle you can jump right into for a cooling swim before carrying on with your expedition.

Food is abundant here with local food joints sprinkled all over the island while duty-free shops make for easy souvenir shopping for friends and family back at home. Whatever you need and want from a beach getaway, Tioman offers.

There really is no excuse not to visit Tioman. Furthermore, since it is not that far away from Singapore, the island serves as the perfect getaway destination for workaholics seeking for a short escape from the drudgery of routine.

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