Asian Relaxation

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Get yourself loosen up and recharged with Asia’s specialised therapies– Shirodhara, Thai herbal bath and Tui Na.

Months of piling workloads become worthwhile after a great relaxation at spas and massage centres. After each session, expect yourself to feel more energetic as your body relaxes. If you haven’t tried the conventional Asian methods of relaxation, the following are good treatments to try out. Highly effective and has been practiced since ages ago, these traditional Asian menthods can improve your health and allow you to better cope with the seemingly eternity hustles of working life.

Occasionally, patronizing places like spas and massage therapies are favourable to maintain a healthy well-being. Be it Shirodhara, Thai Herbal Bath or Tui Na, these are advantageous treatments for your mind and body.

Developed by the practitioners of India, the term ‘shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means flow. Hence, Shirodhara refers to the gentle pouring of liquids over the foreheads – the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows. The chakra is also known as the ‘third eye’, a point of human consciousness.

During Shinrodhara, there will be a specially designed table for you to lie on. Meanwhile, a wide mouthed earthen vessel with a small hole at the bottom is hung over the head. The liquid is then poured into the vessel and flow as a continuous stream to the upper part of the forehead. The liquid is usually collected and reuse in the treatment for approximately 60-90 minutes. After that, rest for a few minutes before taking a shower.

Liquids used for Shinrodhara varies, depending on the benefits that you are going for. Examples of commonly used substances are: oil, milk, coconut water or even plain water. Basically, Shirodhara helps to relax the nervous system, lower metabolism, integrates brain function. With the brain relaxed, there will be more life energy, oxygen and other nutrients that can better flow in the brain itself. As a result, you can experience mood stability, better brain functions and improved stress management. Other benefits include: healing, nourishment of hair and scalp, improved quality sleep, reduction of neck and shoulder pains, stops tension headaches and calmness of the body and mind.

Thai Herbal Steam Bath
A traditional Thai herbal steam therapy, the practice of Thai Herbal Steam Bath has been passed down through several generations of skilled practitioners in rural temples. A combination of an array of healing arts – Ayurvedic remedies from India, Chinese medicine and Theravada Buddhist traditions – the treatment consist of more than 70 different aromatic herbs like lemon grass, kaffir lime, ginger root, galangal root, basil, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, pepper and mint that are boiled in a pot. The steam emitted is inhaled and absorbed by the skin to purge out the toxins through respiration. Hence, the Thai herbal steam bath, other than providing a soothing and relaxing experience, is able to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Extremely beneficial for your body, the herbal steam bath can treat skin ailments, muscle stress, and respiratory problems. It is also able to improve blood circulation, relieve tensions, clear respiratory passages, aid digestion, soothe aching muscles, cleanse and rejuvenates the skin, and promote sound sleep.

However, if you have heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma, it is not encouraged for you to take up the steam therapy. Meanwhile, if you are running a fever, have an inflammatory disease or injury, in your first trimester of pregnancy or drank alcohol beforehand, it is not advisable to have the Thai Herbal Steam Bath as well.

Tui Na

An oriental bodywork therapy that has been practiced in China since thousands of years ago, Tui Na refers to the use of hand, acupressure and manipulation techniques to massage the muscles and tendons, affect the flow of Qi and to realign the bones. The main purpose of Tui Na is to have a more harmonious flow of Qi through your body system to allow natural healing.

During the session, you will be lying on a table or floor mat with loose clothing, barefooted. The practitioner will then examine your body for any problems before applying a specific treatment on areas like specific pain sites, acupressure points, energy meridians, muscles and joints.

This traditional method is able to help in chronic pains of the muscle, joints and skeletal system. If you are suffering from arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms, constipation, headaches and insomnia, Tui Na is able to alleviate such conditions.

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