Fast morning makeup

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Get out of the house faster with quick makeup tips.

We have been there before: rushed mornings with no time to do our makeup. You count the minutes ticking by as you swipe the blush on your cheeks and imagine the frown on your boss’s face when you step in the office, late, again. You can try to set the alarm clock earlier the next night but things always find their way to crop up. Sleepless night maybe from too much coffee during the day. A last minute catch-up with an old friend that ended up leaving the bar at midnight. There is always a reason.

Sleep is important but so is putting on a “decent” face in the morning. Some jobs require us to look immaculate and that means putting on makeup. And for some of us, we need the extra coverage, whether it is to conceal pimple scars or perennial dark eye circles. Makeup is here to stay, no question about it. The question is how we can do it faster so that we’re able to catch the bus to work and land in the office on time.

Get organised

Just as it’s good habit to sort out clothes we’d be wearing for work the night before, sorting out makeup beforehand will minimise the amount of time to do our makeup in the morning. Especially if you’re the indecisive sort. Have an idea what makeup will go with your outfit and get them ready.

It is thus good to have a makeup organiser, whether it’s a box, bag, or drawer insert. If you have organised your makeup well, you’d find it easier to locate what you need fast. Cosmetics can be organised in their respective drawers. On the night before, just pick what you need and leave them on a basket or dressing table.

Prep your face

Makeup looks great on good skin, all the more we should take care to scrub and moisturise our skin regularly. We know that we can’t skimp on cleansing our face before we sleep, regardless of how tired we are and how late in the night or early in the morning. If we fail to take care of our skin, problem skin would occur. Spots and blotchy skin need a longer time to conceal and touch up with makeup in the morning. Makeup needs a good canvas for it to glide on well.

Double the function

It’d be so much easier if there is one magic makeup product that can take care of all our needs. Cosmetics now contain many functions. For example, moisturisers are equipped with SPF to save you the time of applying another product onto the face. Lipsticks too contain SPF. Get products with multi-functions to save time and money.

Conceal, conceal, conceal

Makeup is good at concealing flaws. Just stay up late for a few nights in a row and bulging eye bags will be popping out. Concealers work in minimising your flaws and highlighting your features. Concealers come with blue and yellow tones that help to lighten dark circles and blemishes, depending on your need. For a quick and light makeup in the morning, you may dab the concealer to spots you want to cover, say the under eye area and pimple scars, and then apply loose or compact powder. Concealers are best applied minimally. Choose a concealer that is not too light for your skin tone and blend it into the skin with your ring finger (less harsh) or brush lightly.

Blush your way through

If you’ve no time for a full makeup, a blush works wonders in lifting off the tiredness and age off your skin. The blush needs to be subtly applied; again, less is more. Choose a cream blush for a more natural, dewy glow. Apply it on your cheeks and blend softly with your fingers.

Bewitched eyes

A person just has to look at your eyes to see how tired you really are. Get some colour to the eyes to minimise the tiredness. Put on lighter colours such as light blue or green or even white to lift up the eyes. Try dabbing the applicator to the inside corner of the eyes to open up the eyes. After which, apply some mascara to the eyes. Curl the lashes first if you have a bit more time. Mascaras can really open up the eyes, making them look perkier and brighter. For office, stick to plain black though.

Brow help

Some of us are stuck at this point. Especially those of us with thin eye brows. Years of over plucking have landed us in this state and we are not proud of it. When you have thin eyebrows for some time, you’d be assured that you’ll have them for the rest of your life. They simply won’t grow back. One way is to go for tattooing. You may have black and thick brows that look unnatural at first, but after a while, their colours will fade a little, making them more natural. Otherwise, you can perfect the art of makeup. To thicken brows, apply a pencil in small strokes in the direction of your brow. Then fill in the sparse hairs with brow shadow or brow gel. Go light and easy during application and you’d come up with natural looking brows. Also remember to tweeze spare hairs even with thin looking brows. Just don’t do it in the morning.

Don’t forget the lipstick

Some of us forget our lipstick even when we have the rest of the makeup on. Sometimes, we knowingly neglect it because we know that it will be smeared off after the morning coffee. Why bother, right? However, a coloured lip can complete your makeup in more ways than one.

With so many lip products in the market, we can be realty spoilt for choice. But lip gloss in particular can look good in women of all ages, particularly older women. The shiny, glossy tint just makes our lippies look fuller and more luscious. Go with a lighter shade but not so light that it makes you look paler and washed out. Soft pink is a flattering colour to consider. To save time in the morning, go with a lip gloss or balm and discard that lip pencil or brush for a change.



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