Me Time

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Pamper yourself with some quiet moments alone

Most of us spend so much time with our partners, friends, colleagues and family. As much as we love their company, sometimes all we desperately yearn for is to savour some quiet time alone. Relaxing and chilling solo does a body, mind and spirit good.

Most people may be under the misconception that there’s only so much you can do alone and that these activities must be just plain boring.

Here are some enjoyable ways to weave in some quiet “me time” into your schedule. Some of them have been scientifically proven to de-stress you. And very often you can even indulge in them from the comfort of your home. Combine these pursuits for an extra dose of self-pampering! Just remember to switch of your mobile if you really want to enjoy total uninterrupted bliss.

  1. After all that house cleaning chores you’ve been engaged in, it’s time to soothe those tired muscles with a relaxing foot; or back and neck massage. Popular types of massages include the Swedish massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, reflexology and Thai massage.
  2. Besides your body, your nails could do with some tender loving care as well. Luxuriate in a manicure and pedicure session. Pick some pretty nail colours, as research shows that colours can significantly lift your mood.
  3. You should look groomed at all times. Get a hair wash, go for a blow dry or give your tresses some tender loving care with a dry hair treatment. Why not choose a new hairstyle if you are feeling adventurous? Even the neighbourhood salon offers the whole shebang.
  4. It may seem quite weird to be at a karaoke club all alone so maybe you’d much prefer to listen to some music and hum along at home. It can be any genre – classical, jazz, pop. Not only is music thoroughly enjoyable, research shows that it helps with mood, memory and brain function.
  5. Make yourself comfortable in a quiet room and visualise a peaceful scene — a vacation or your favourite sparkling beach. You can even visualise yourself accomplishing a future goal. This is the simplest form of meditation, yet it works wonders.
  6. Who says you need to go to a five-star spa to relish a nice, warm bath? Just turn on the hot water and delight in your very own luxurious wash at home! Be generous with the scented soaps and aromatherapy bath oil. For a fun element, add some bubble bath to your tub. All you have to do next is simply lie back and relax.
  7. Eating is undoubtedly a great way to reward yourself. Prepare some decadent snacks. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Pop open a bottle of champagne. Skip the cooking and pair it with some tasty nibbles for a nice treat.
  8. Engage in a new hobby or complete an unfinished project. There’s a plethora of choices such as knitting, Sudoku puzzles to challenge the mind and painting to discover your artistic side. Experimenting with baking and cooking can be very therapeutic too.
  9. You may be a true-blue Singaporean but how well do you really know your county? Learn all about the history and culture of Singapore, courtesy of a fun museum tour.
  10. Reading is a great way to spend some enjoyable solo time. Hit the library to widen your general knowledge or comb through the bookstore and just soak up the frivolous celebrity gossip that magazines offer.
  11. What could be more peaceful than communing with Mother Nature? Stop and literally smell the roses, watch the sun set or star gaze.
  12. Sometimes when you’re on a shopping mission, having other people with you can slow you down or make you feel rushed. Shopping alone will give you time to consider your purchases more carefully.
  13. Get healthy by starting on a new fitness regime. No need to head to the gym, simply start exercising in the privacy of your home. Alternatively, go for a good run and sweat it all out!
  14. Writing is a great way to spend some time alone. Pen your intimate thoughts in a private journal, start planning on that novel you’ve always wanted to write or bring out your inner poet. You can even do these while you’re commuting.
  15. As counterintuitive as it sounds, a great way to pamper yourself with some “me time” is to get some siesta. Sleeping is a perfect way to recharge so take this opportunity to catch up on it.

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