Music Soothes the Savage Beast

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How often have we heard this phrase? Music is all about vibration and energy. With the right kind of music we can eliminate stress and ailments from and live a healthy positive life.

Music has been all around since the beginning of time and the universe. It is afterall vibration and energy. And there is vibration and energy in every single thing from atoms to cells. Biblically speaking, God made heaven and earth and filled it with various kinds of plants and animals and seeing them, He was well satisfied. In fact, He was satisfied not only for what he saw but also for what he heard. The soft gentle breeze swaying the branches and leaves in melancholy, the streams, the chirping birds and animals producing a melody of praise was soothing in His ears, thus music was there from the beginning.

Today, music is the oldest form of expression known to have influencing power on the physical, mental, spiritual and moral side of man. Healing power of music is so evident that dedicated musicologists and psychologists have acknowledged it as a powerful instrument of achieving all-round development and healing when used positively and with love.

The power of music has also been observed on animals. It is believed that animals and plants have positive response when played music. Research shows that when exposed to music, cows produce more milk, and horses discipline themselves better than other horses. Plants grow well and yield well when exposed to music.

Children with autism, who are generally difficult to deal with ordinary therapies can also improve well when given music therapy and how unusual sensitivity.

Medical research

Evidence shows that listening to appropriate music lowers blood pressure, stabilises heart rate, relieves depression, reduces pre-treatment anxiety, enhances concentration and creativity, lessens the need for sedatives and painkillers (during and after surgery), reduces nausea after chemotherapy, manages pain and also improves stability of people with Parkinson’s disease.


Hearing soothing music while under anesthesia eases patients’ recovery after surgery — results of a Swedish study suggest. According to findings published in an issue of a journal, ACTA, Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, women undergoing hysterectomies, under general anesthesia, who listened to relaxing music and sounds of ocean waves, experienced less pain and were less fatigued, when discharged from the hospital. They were able to sit up sooner after their operation than patients, who did not listen to such music.

A study was conducted by researchers at Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland. It involved 500 patients, who underwent abdominal surgery, during a 29-month period in one of the five Cleveland hospitals. The participants in the study ranged from 18—70 year old and were randomly assigned, to receive music, relaxation or a combination of both therapies. This was the experimental group, whose parameters were compared with a control group of patients, who received only standard surgical care. After surgery, all participants received intravenous morphine or Demerol, which was controlled by the patients pressing a button. The experimental group reported less pain, both when walking and resting, on the first and the second days after surgery and reported faster recovery than those in the control group.

Cancer Treatment

Listening to music during chemotherapy can reduce fear and nervous tension in patients. In a study, 70 test patients were asked to choose their favourite music from a selection of 350 CDs, spanning a whole spectrum of musical tastes. They were questioned, both before and after their musical chemotherapy.

Most of the patients chose classical music. Mozart was the most popular composer, followed by classical CDs, with a selection of relaxing compositions. Music has the power to influence body and soul. The sound of music can alter the heart and respiration rate as well as brain and general well being.

Blood Pressure

A medical device for treating high BP that uses musical tones to guide a patient’s breathing has produced positive results. This device was clinically proven to reduce high BP, without side effects. An Israel firm makes the product. It works by first automatically analyzing the user’s breathing pattern, It then composes musical tones that guide the user to effortlessly slow breathing from the normal 14— 18 breaths per minute to the therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute, while prolonging exhalation and lowering BP. The product is available by prescription, as a supplementary treatment for high BP. A submission has been made to the US FDA, for over the counter use.

In another trial, Italian researchers found that its users had significant BP reductions over a control group, in addition to those already achieved with medications. The effect of these treatments took three to four weeks and those patients displayed good adherence to the treatment.

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